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2001 Cincinnati Reds Cap

This week's Fresh Fitted is another one from The Great eBay Haul but this one is different in that it's not too small for me to wear. It is, however, too  big  by a size or two but the fact I red hats aren't my jam means that I'll probably end up trading it for something I'd actually wear. If not, it would be nice to have a vintage cap like this one around for research. I've mentioned before how in addition to staying away from red caps, I have a general rule against wearing MLB caps in NYC, other than of course rocking a Yankees hat to Yankee Stadium. I think I avoid MLB caps because I don't want to mislead tourists from that team's city into thinking they can ask me for directions. I'm a bad person. Assigning a specific year to this cap might seem like a hard row to hoe but it really isn't. The sweatband tags could be from anywhere between 2001 to 2004 but I'm going to guess this cap is from either 2001 or 2002 based on

1995 New York Yankees

I'm conflicted about the All Star Break. On one hand, I like that teams get a chance to take a breather before ramping up for playoff runs, or in the case of my San Francisco Giants, a brief respite from a season that is a complete disaster. And then on the other hand, I really don't like being without baseball (especially fantasy) even if it's for a few short days. One thing I do like about the break is the All Star Game, although this one was annoying because it was the first year in which the ASG patch shifted to the wearer's right side as the New Era flag is now mandatory on every official on-field cap. Some don't mind it but I find it distracting so I'm not going to buy any of the ASG caps unless they're on clearance.  Because I miss the glory days when teams were not forced to blatantly advertise the companies that manufacture their uniforms, I decided to take a break from writing about Minor League caps to showcase a few of the MLB hats tha

2007 All Star Game San Francisco Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For this week's edition of Fresh Fitted Friday , I want to acknowledge and pay tribute to the 10th anniversary of the 2007 MLB All-Star Game that was held in San Francisco. Two years ago, I wrote about the cap that the New York Yankees wore during that game but for the 10 year milestone I feel the need to show y'all pics of the Real McCovey , I mean Real McCoy . I've lamented before about how I regretted not scooping one of these when they were originally being sold in Bay Area stores but at least I was lucky enough to eventually find one! I love this All Star Game patch and just to show I'm not a complete homer, I'll tell you I make every attempt to get my hands on any hat that has this patch, not just Giants ones!  In contrast with the aforementioned 2007 All Star Game Yankees cap, this one has the "Blue Box" New Era sweatband tag however the other tags and the satin taping match up with that hat.    One thing I did get wrong wh