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2020 Clearwater Threshers Alternate (Shark Awareness Day) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I have written about many cities who have hosted teams for mulitple decades but today's Clearwater Threshers hat marks the first time that I've featured this longtime Philadelphia Phillies farm club, which has been their Single-A affiliate in the Florida State League since 1985. I alluded to wanting a Threshers cap in my Rancho Cucamonga Temblores post  in September 2020 but I made sure not to specify which one exactly because I knew even back then how special this cap was. I wasn't about to ruin my chances at getting it by blabbing about it then but now that I actually it own the time is right to spread the word! It is surprising how much I like this cap because despite being hopelessly anamored with the ocean, I am irrationally averse to sharks. I grew up up near a beach and remember the terror I felt when while swimming in the ocean I would randomly think of the tiny possibility of that a shark was nearby. Well, today is Shark Awareness Day so I figure it is time to face

Nashville Stars (2020 Ebbets Field Flannels concept)

I've been making my best efforts to post every week throughout this current baseball season but last week was simply too hectic for me to get it together to do the Nashville-themed post which I hoped to do as a tribute to June Carter Cash who if still alive would be celebrating her 94th birthday that day. My goal for this week's write-up of this Nashville Stars cap is that it makes up for that lapse! Music City Baseball, LLC (“MCB”) is the name of the collective that aims to bring Major League Baseball to Nashville. The group has selected "Stars" as the eventual team's name in honor of the barnstorming team based in Nashville from the late 1930s through the early 1950s. MCB partnered with Ebbets Field Flannels (or, "EFF", for those with a penchant for acronyms) in creating caps to drum up excitement for Nashville's chase of their white whale, which for many years now has been to host an MLB team. There's not a lot of information out there on the

2020 Rancho Cucamonga "Temblores"

I've enjoyed welcoming the first signs of Fall here in New York lately as the days get shorter and the air becomes increasingly more brisk however it's important to think of our friends on the West Coast who receive no quarter as wildfires continue to rage across those states.  Natural disasters are a possibility no matter where you live but in the five years I spent in the Bay Area, my greatest fear—besides my irrational phobia of getting eaten alive by a shark— was being helpless in the middle of a major earthquake/fire type scenario.  I'm overcome with sadness for those affected by these current happenings, especially since  I never experienced any of those things firsthand. In truth, I have a hard time even thinking about those situations so it goes without saying I'm not going to be rewatching Jaws or sitting through any sort of disaster movie sometime soon.  Hats are a different story with me for some reason!  I've had my eye on a certain (not telling you whic

2020 Jamestown Tarp Skunks - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It's been a week since "Opening Day" came and went without (actually coming) and it should come as no surprise that I've resorted to watching random vintage baseball clips that I find online. In short, I'll do whatever it takes to fill the void this quarantine is serving me. In the interests of fairness, this time of self-reflection has had some positive effects and the first of those is I've had a chance to organize my hat collection a bit so the next few series that I run should have me diving in even deeper than you've seen me do in the past. I'll be looking for ways to keep things fresh around here and the first way I'll do that is by featuring a cap from the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League,which is something I've never done before so may I present to you, the 2020 Jamestown Tarp Skunks cap! If MILB teams are known for fostering a loose environment regarding silly team names and promotions, I'd be willing to be the Tarp Skun