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Gary Sheffield 2005 All-Star Game Cap

Disclaimer : For the first time in a long while, this is a post that is not about Tim Raines or the Montreal Expos. I've spilled much ink over Raines and the Expos lately but now is the time to move past the celebration phase of the 2016 Hall of Fame voting results. I do believe this is an acceptable time to make a case for a player I grew up watching and one who deserves more Hall of Fame votes than he's received thus far: the inimitable and easily irritable Gary Sheffield! I realize a one-off blog post isn't going to get the man inducted into Cooperstown. Shef had his troubles defensively but it's hard to argue against the strong  offensive numbers he put up during his 22 year career. Even though Shef wasn't a DH, his numbers rival Edgar Martinez, Vladamir Guerrero and David Ortiz who are each worthy of induction.  /rant Whether you think Shef belongs in the Hall or not shouldn't stop you from enjoying the photos below which are of a signed hat th

Mid 1990's Vermont Expos Snapback

Last week's Montreal Expos post was a little heavy but y'all know how I get when I get to talking about that dang team! While this week continues on the Expos trend, I wanted to showcase this ever-so-fun Vermont Expos snapback from the mid-1990's. That's Champ. He's the team's mascot and he's an undeniably happy little fella there isn't he? He couldn't get mad if he wanted to. Even if Jeffrey Loria wanted to drain the swamp (or lake) in which he lives. I was looking for a fitted version of this cap but it's a hard cap logo to find so I'm happy with the snapback version for now.  We've definitely seen this tag before and while it's not a giveaway for a specific year, the lack of the "New Era flag" tags tells me it's pre-1997. As far as I've been able to tell, the MILB batterman has  appeared on caps around 1994  at the earliest. You're seeing it from the inside here so you can appreciate the lo

Mid-1990's Montreal Expos Cap

Update: I modified some formatting below and fixed some broken image links (with old, somewhat blurry photos) but kept the content the same otherwise. (10/13/2021) After spending the last few weeks digging into sweatband tags of World Series caps, I'm ready for a change of topic. I was either looking for a cap with a connection to Tim Raines but there are many others that have patiently been waiting on the shelf as well. W hen I heard the news that Jeffrey Loria was fixing to selling the Florida Marlins  I knew what to do. Compared to the  pinwheel  and the  "Make Montreal Great Again"  styles this is the most subdued of all the logos Montreal rolled out over the years.  I was just chatting with a fellow cap fanatic about how much I love the grey underbrim aesthetic. I love the contrast between it and the darker crowns. It's hard to pinpoint an exact year for this cap but these are the sweatband tags from 1994-1996 This week's post is kind of bittersweet so that&#

Cleveland Indians 1997 World Series Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

If you've been coming around here the past few weeks, you know that I've been on a crazy Tim Raines tear but I'm going to pause on covering his former teams to talk  about this Cleveland Indians 1997  World Series cap. The differences between its tags and  last week's Florida Marlins cap from the very same year got my head spinning so here we are!   Of course, it's important to remember that there were no hard and fast rules — only guidelines — when it came to which tags New Era would use on its caps. The main reason for this differential probably has as much to do with available supply as anything else. Hopefully you enjoy taking a look at this one! The Cleveland Indians primarily used this version of the ever-controversial "Chief Wahoo" cap logo during the 1997 World Series. This one is considerably larger than the logo seen on their 2016 World Series cap . Just like with last week's Florida Marlins 1997 World Series cap, this patch is