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1993-99 Jacksonville Suns (Hat Club retro)

Summer is almost in full swing in New York City and outside of the occasional 90º day, I'm happy to welcome it. The two main things I need to remember at all those fun hangs in the park is to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen, with the former being especially apt as "National Don't Fry Day" is recognized today as it is done each year on the  Friday before Memorial Day Weekend. Overexposure to the sun is something that too often goes unnoticed as we spend time relaxing outdoors and this is especially true during the summer months  so this holiday is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness in regards to the risks involved with those otherwise good times. Because of this, the phrase ‘slip, slop, slap and wrap’—which originated in Australia and New Zealand and is now used worldwide—encourages sun enthusiasts to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen,  slap on a hat, and wrap on sunglasses. To that point, I'm not sure if there is any better way for me to honor the sig

2003-04 Oneonta Tigers

Wella-wella-wella-welcome Back! Thanks to everyone for your patience while I was on my hiatus. Just to fill y'all in, I had some wrist pain so I had to take a break from the blog to give myself time to recover. Hopefully you feel it was warranted. If not, stop beefin'! Only problem is now I'm feeling a little out of practice so how about we just view these next few posts as if they were Spring Training? Kidding aside, this minor setback really put things into perspective for me in terms of injuries, especially in sports.  Not being able to ride a bike for a month was challenging so I can't imagine what a big leaguer goes through with a similar injury. Then again, teams have a medically trained staff to handle this sort of thing so let's scrap that thought and I'll get back to writing about hats. As you might recall, my last post before the break was the Norwich Sea Unicorns of the New-York Penn League so for this week, I decided to feature an ancestral li

2002 Toledo Mud Hens

The International League festivities continue this week with a cap from a team whose city has a history of hosting professional baseball that goes as far back as the origin of the league itself which was founded in 1884 while a year earlier, the Toledo Blue Stockings was an inaugural member of the Northwestern League which was all teams from the midwest.  They later became the Toledo Mud Hens in 1902 when they joined the American Association, which was an independent league that later jumped up to Double-A in 1912. The team then got another promotion when  the American Association became a Triple-A league in 1946 and stayed at that level when they joined the International League in 1965. To me this cap is synonymous with my appreciation of the International League as it was the cap the Mud Hens wore when I started going to games almost 30 years ago. The fact that the team still wears this cap is a testament to its longevity. The satin taping is typical of caps from

2002 West Michigan Whitecaps

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is a  West Michigan Whitecaps hat because the state of Michigan made some waves (I'm so, so sorry for this terrible pun) this week as they became the 10th state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana. This is no doubt going to do wonders in continuing to grow their economy and decrease overcrowding in prisons, which to be fair has dropped some in recent years. It's now dawning on me that I've never been to Michigan but I have some friends in Kalamazoo that I can visit and Bells Brewery is also located there so I think I might need to make the trip at some point. I should try to check out a Whitecaps game and maybe the Great Lakes Loons or Lansing Lugnuts too. The Whitecaps stuck with this logo from their inaugural season in 1994 through 2002 which is a really long time considering this logo is nondescript when compared to the zany logo trend that many teams jumped on during that time.  T he satin taping

2002 Detroit Tigers Hat - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For the third installment of The Great eBay Haul, I'll be riffing off last week's  2006 World Series   St. Louis Cardinals  hat  by featuring the team that the Cardinals defeated in that Fall Classic which (in case you might have forgotten) was the Detroit Tigers.  The Old English "D" is iconic. Something I appreciate about the Tigers' cap is how unprone it is to bandwagon fans, at least compared to other teams. Besides  fans of  Magnum, PI and Eminem how often do you see anyone who isn't a Michigan native wearing one? Sadly I won't be wearing this hat as it's a few sizes too big but I doubt I'd wear a Detroit Tigers hat anyway as I don't want to mislead people into thinking I'm a Michigan native...or a fan of Eminem or Magnum, PI. Of course,  Tigers minor league caps are a different beast! The sweatband tags and satin lining inside the crown are clearly from the early 2000's but the only match of those features I co

1991-93 Fayetteville Generals

My goal last week was to extend the " Houston Astros Minor League Cap Extravaganza"   but I sadly was not able to obtain a qualifying hat in time. I did find a gem recently but since it hasn't arrived yet, last week's  Carolina League Jackson Generals hat will have to segue into the cap worn by the now defunct Fayetteville Generals of the South Atlantic League. The Fayetteville Generals were in existence from 1986-1996 and this is the cap logo they rocked for the majority of that time. I'm not a Detroit Tigers fan by any means but I am a big fan of the stars and Old English lettering. The Generals switched to grey underbrims in 1994, so this hat is from somewhere between 1991 and 1993.  I doubt a fitted version of this cap exists but you better believe I'm hunting for it just in case! Still in disbelief that a hat that is at least 25 years old has made it's way into my possession with the tags still on it. What a world! I chose th

1993 Brewers and Tigers New Era Caps (Green Underbrim)

Now that the postseason is at the League Championship Series (LCS) point I'm starting to feel a bit nostalgic for baseball seasons of the past. What greatly excites me is that the Diamondbacks didn't make it past the first round. Any division rival that gives my Giants a hard time will definitely not receive any support from me during the playoffs. By the time the season officially ended I had already begun cheering for the Brewers, if only because the Cardinals lead all National League teams with 10 World Series championships. While the Giants can boast of 6 World Championships, the Brewers have won none. Before the Brewers switched to the National League in 1997, they had earned one sole trip to the World Series, in 1982, where they lost to the Cardinals. I'm fairly certain the Brew Crew will make it to the World Series this year and I hope they face off against one of their former American League East rivals, the Detroit Tigers. I think it would be a fun match-up, and on