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2005-2007 Portland Seadogs - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I made it to my first and only game in the month of June last Saturday and while I considered posting the new hats I picked up at the stadium that night, this week's Portland Sea Dogs hat is even more special as I am choosing to feature it in honor of my friends getting married in Maine this weekend. 

I'm hoping to get to a Sea Dogs game at Hadlock Field on Sunday but even if I do go, this hat is unfortunately way too small for me to wear. In addition, its design plainly features a Red Sox colorway which is off-limits for a New Yorker. Even though I'm a San Francisco Giants fan, I have to be true to the town I live in. 

If I do make it to the game, I'll wear the Florida Marlins version of the Sea Dogs hat I wrote about the last time I went to Maine, which coincidentally was also on 4th of July weekend but back in 2015. Lots has changed since then, but hopefully you still enjoy reading these posts!

Because this cap is too small for me, it's going to have to go on the T…

1996 Great Falls Dodgers - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

It's that time of the year again, folks. The Los Angeles Dodgers are coming to New York to play the Mets. As always, I'm tempted to go just to heckle the Dodgers on behalf of my San Francisco Giants fandom. I'll probably skip this series despite tickets being cheap and plentiful as the Mets are well below .500 which means the fans are done for the season too.

If I did go to one of the games, I'd wear my New York Giants hat to troll the Dodgers even though I have the perfect hat for a Dodgers fan to wear: a Great Falls Dodgers cap which I believe to be from the 1996 season. 

I still can't believe I am a Giants fan who is the owner of two Great Falls Dodgers caps. If those caps had orange lettering and a black crown, I could at least play it off as if they were Great Falls Giants caps but I'm not exactly certain what those caps looked like. 

I can't tell what the cap logo looks like from the image above but I imagine it's not terribly exciting although very …

Syracuse Chiefs - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

For the third week in a row, I've had the perfect hat to wear to a game and ended up not going however that's not going to stop me from sharing some photos of it. I picked this Syracuse Chiefs hat to wear to the Washington Nationals series at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday but I chose to go see Robert Plant at Forrest Hills Stadium instead.

This hat would have been a perfect troll on the Nationals as their player development contract runs out at the end of this year and the Mets are going to be setting up shop there in 2019. It's not known where Washington's Triple-A affiliate will be but lots of folks are guessing they will be relegated to Las Vegas which sounds like a logistical nightmare.

Here's my ideal scenario: if the Minnesota Twins do not renew their contract with the Rochester Red Wings and the Baltimore Orioles do not renew with the Norfolk Tides, there is a possibility of a Baltimore-Rochester reunion, which was in tact from 1961-2002. 

The next step is for th…

2016-present Norfolk Tides Road Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

I didn’t end up going to a game during the Orioles-Mets series earlier this week but regardless of that, the hat that I would have worn to the ballpark is one that pays tribute to both teams.

When I wrote about the current Tides home cap previously, I brought up how the locals were not impressed when the main logo was revealed. Now that I have the road version, I think this one should have been introduced as the home cap as its nautical design is better suited to the conservative population of Norfolk, VA.

Having grown up in Norfolk, I can tell you that history plays a huge role in the city’s identity. In fact, I still hear folks griping about missing the Mets, who were the Tides’ parent team from 1969 until they became affiliated with the O’s in 2007. Even though Norfolk isn’t yet on board with the cartoonish logos that are de rigueur, their commitment to the classics is honorable.

This cap isn't for sale or trade however don't hesitate to reach out if there's something you…

Kane County Cougars - Fresh Fitted Friday

While I haven’t been to a game since last week’s post, I am planning on going to one during the Orioles visit to Citi Field next week. My decision on which game will be based on a combination of weather and whether...I can choose between less-than stellar matchups such as Dylan Bundy facing Jason Vargas or David Hess against Seth Lugo.

This week’s Fresh Fitted Friday selection is a Kane County Cougars hat as it’s the perfect bridge from last week’s Marlins series and the impending Orioles visit. The reason for this being Kane County was the Midwest League Class-A affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles during the 1991 and 1992 seasons and then for the Florida Marlins from 1993-2002.

Even though this cap isn't one of my favorites, there's no need to put it on the Trading Block since it's not going to be desirable to most collectors other than Made In U.S.A. junkies however don't hesitate to reach out if there's something you like on the Trading Block and you are willing t…