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1993-94 Central Valley Rockies

After two weeks of retro versions of most short-lived––yet iconic––logo designs of the early 1990's, it's finally time to feature a true vintage cap from that era with this Central Valley Rockies hat which could be from either 1993 or 1994 as that was the last year of the team's existence. Behold! I can't think of any other time that a Rockies farm team employed teal on a cap whose logo was repurposed from the big league club. Fun fact: the V is for Visalia, which was where the team called home for those two seasons. Because the Central Valley Rockies were only around for two years, the only name associated with the team that clicks with me is Paul Zuvella (the happy smiley guy shown above) who managed during the inaugural season in 1993.   In the previous photo from the team's first season in 1993, you'll notice that Zuvella was wearing a cap with a grey undervisor. Because it's green on this week's cap, I'm thinking the team just must have had both

1998 New Haven Ravens Snapback

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, I want to thank anyone who took the time to consider the views I shared last week. I really do love the baseball hat community but sometimes folks get carried away when it comes to "maintaining tradition" but this week's New Haven Ravens cap is a safe Eastern League icon you're sure to love. This cap logo is the one the Ravens wore from 1994 through 2000 and I prefer this version because it's the first one I ever knew and besides that, the other logo was only used from 2001 through 2003, which was their final year in New Haven. I'm usually firm in my belief that the New Era flag began to appear in 1999 but the Colorado Rockies logo embroidered on the wearer's right side throws that notion off since 1998 was the last year of the Rockies affiliation with the Ravens. The most recently made hat that I own which features the white satin taping is a 1999 Capital City Bomber

1992-93 Bend Rockies - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I had some trouble deciding which hat to write about this week, y'all. As much as I want to show off some of the newer caps in my collection, I've got all of these super rare vintage selections just begging to be flaunted. Also, I love themes so I couldn't turn down the chance to write about another Class A Short Season league for the seventh week in a row.  The Bend Rockies played in the Pacific Northwest League from 1992-94. The inaugural team was mostly comprised of selections from the 1992 draft while its parent team  would not play a game until the following year. Even though it's possible this cap is from 1994, I highly doubt it considering the tags are of the pre-1992 variety.  The lack of the MILB batterman here seals the deal; this cap is either from 1992 or 1993 as the batterman did not appear until 1994. Ideally, I'd like to believe that this cap is from the 1992 season as it would be the first time in the blog's history that I'

1995-96 Portland Rockies - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Happy new year, dear reader! As you are well aware, I capped off 2017 by posting some photos of rare gems that had yet to be de-tagged and I'm happy to be starting this year off with another one of those hats. So without further ado, the first Fresh Fitted Friday selection of 2018 is a Portland Rockies hat that I estimate to be from 1995 or 1996.  Portland only hosted this Class A Short Season team from 1995-2000 but this logo is legendary as it combines the major league club's aesthetic along with a rose, which is emblematic of Portland, aka the "City of Roses." I can't be the only one who finds it neat that the price of this cap is exactly the same as the team's inaugural season (as well as the year it was worn).  The usual suspects: classic mid-1990's sweatband tags A purple and black MILB batterman patch is a thing to be treasured.  Well friend, if you wear a size 7 1/8 and you've got a great cap in my size to trade

1999-2000 New Haven Ravens Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This week's selection from The Great eBay Haul features not only another defunct Connecticut minor league team but it also follows the theme of caps that are too dang small for my noggin. I still had to at least try on this size 7 1/8 New Haven Ravens cap for nostalgia sake as one of my first MILB caps as a youngster was a Ravens hat. It might have actually been the same size as this one! Before they ever played a game,  I probably bought (aka my mom bought) that Ravens cap  assuming they were a Marlins affiliate (rather than Rockies) because of the black and teal colorway. I  don't know if I've told you this before but my Bar Mitzvah colors were teal and purple because like most people in the early 1990's, I had an acute case of Tealism. This cap's crown has a New Era flag so the earliest it can be from is 1999 and because the Ravens made some minor adjustments to their cap logo in 2001, this one is either from 1999 or 2000. The satin taping and

2001 and 2002 All-Star Game Caps

As you know, last week's Fresh Fitted was not part of my collection but I nevertheless gave it some airtime for the sake of sweatband tag research.  I'm mildly obsessed with time-stamping my caps and this week follows in that trend so I hope that's fine by you. I got into a bit of a rabbit hole looking at All-Star Game caps from years past last week so I've got a bunch to show and tell you about today.  F or those who are fans of these caps, this is your lucky day. For those who aren't, this is not your lucky day. Some of you younger folk out there might remember a ballplayer by the name of Mike Hampton. I always thought he was a swell guy but Hampton is the name of a town near where I'm from so I might be biased. A 1999 All-Star Game cap signed by Mike Hampton was featured here before and while he went 22-4 that year, his 2001 season was not as stellar even though he made the All-Star team.   The "New Era" and size tags are ones th

2010 Casper Ghosts Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

We're only a few days away from Halloween so it's a must that this week's Fresh Fitted has an All Hallow's theme. There are some teams with scarier and/or spookier logos out there (eg. Lake Elsinore Storm , Orem Owls  and Ogden Raptors ) but the fact that the "Casper Ghosts" team name has expired, this cap seems even more haunted than ever. To prove my point about the ghoulish nature of this cap, look no further than the way in which the Casper Rockies decided to unveil their rebranded look  on Halloween back in 2007. Brandiose was at the helm of the creation of the new identity and its success with this effort solidified their reputation as a top-tier design firm in the world of sports logos. This cap logo glows in the dark but my camera is simply not powerful enough to capture this awesomeness. Luckily Chris Creamer's Sportslogos site is way better blog than mine and has no issues getting the job done. While the Casper Ghosts ceased to ex