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1991-93 Fayetteville Generals

My goal last week was to extend the " Houston Astros Minor League Cap Extravaganza"   but I sadly was not able to obtain a qualifying hat in time. I did find a gem recently but since it hasn't arrived yet, last week's  Carolina League Jackson Generals hat will have to segue into the cap worn by the now defunct Fayetteville Generals of the South Atlantic League. The Fayetteville Generals were in existence from 1986-1996 and this is the cap logo they rocked for the majority of that time. I'm not a Detroit Tigers fan by any means but I am a big fan of the stars and Old English lettering. The Generals switched to grey underbrims in 1994, so this hat is from somewhere between 1991 and 1993.  I doubt a fitted version of this cap exists but you better believe I'm hunting for it just in case! Still in disbelief that a hat that is at least 25 years old has made it's way into my possession with the tags still on it. What a world! I chose th

1991-92 Jackson Generals

Two weeks into the 2017 MLB season and it's looking less likely that my prediction of the Houston Astros winning the AL Pennant will work out. As the Astros' hot start has fizzeled, what's worse is the Giants are cellar dwellers of the NL West while the Diamondbacks are at the top. There's a lot more games to play this year but stumbling out of the gate is no fun. What's fun is that for the fourth time in four weeks, I'm writing about a mesh-crown hat from a former Houston Astros minor league team! Nailing down the exact years for these caps hasn't been easy but the window on this one isn't large.  From 1975 through 1990, the Jackson Generals were known as the Mets so the earliest this one can be from is 1991.  Behold the rare five-star ranking of this fresh mesh hat.   It's always fun to find a crisp green bottom cap, even when it isn't of the fitted variety The mesh striations are visible and the "Made in U.S.A."

1988-94 Auburn Astros Cap

It's the first week of April and I'm already staying up until 1AM EST watching baseball. Of course this  feels completely normal  but it's been tough watching my San Francisco Giants fall to the Arizona Diamondbacks three times this week. I've spilled much ink here obsessing over my love/hate relationship with Arizona and today is no different. As I've mentioned before, my wife went to the University of Arizona and while we were disappointed they didn't make it past the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament, I did  learn about a connection between the UA basketball program and the Houston Astros, whose former minor league affiliates have been the inspiration here over the last few weeks.  Did you know former MLB star Kenny Lofton attended UA on a basketball scholarship? This article is about how he went from committing theft on the court to the baseball diamond. (Photo courtesy of This is Kenny's first baseball card. He was sel