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2017 "Team Cuba" World Baseball Classic Cap

At first glance you might think this is some variant of a Cubs hat but the Cuban flag on the wearer's right side is a good indication that something else is going on. And that something else is that this is the cap worn by Cuban team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Notice that World Baseball Classic sweatband tag where an MLB or MiLB tag would normally be? Yeah, see I wasn't lying to you earlier!  The embroidered design that the WBC has used since its inception in 2006 kind of has a Google vibe but I really dig it despite that.  I made a big to-do last week about the Olympics starting up but what I didn't say was that this one is extra special for baseball fans as the sport has not been a part of the competitions since the 2008 games and while there are only 6 teams participating, that's better than no baseball at all. Funny, I remember telling myself something similar during last year's shortened season. As much as I want baseball to be a thing in the Olympics

2017 World Baseball Classic: Australia National Team - Fresh Fitted Friday

It's been just about a year since my last birthday post which means…it's time for another one! So, just like last year I'm shining the spotlight on Australia as we both bask in the glory that is January 26 however this time the cap worn by the  Australian National Team is from  the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Something I don't discuss much (but you probably already know all about) is the "Labels" section in the sidebar of the site pages is super helpful, especially if you'd like to peruse caps that share metadata with the current cap you're viewing. For example if you clicked on the "World Baseball Classic" label, you'll see the 2017 US National Team cap ! I know I made it easy for you by linking to the page just then but it's almost my birthday so I'm feeling super generous and helpful! At any rate, I hope you enjoy the photos of the cap worn by the 2017 National Team of my perhaps-someday home country of Australia!

2017 Team USA Jersey Logo Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Ask yourself this question and answer honestly: is the World Baseball Classic exciting to you? I have a hard time with this one because while I want to be a fan of the tournament, the scheduling conflict with Spring Training is a bummer. The other downside is the US not sending its brightest stars to compete against the top talent from other countries. It seems the message sent is "Baseball: The Business" is more important to MLB than "Baseball: The National Pastime" but maybe that's not true. When the Olympic Committee decided in 2008 that baseball would no longer be an Olympic sport, the WBC was created with the hope that the sport would continue to grow worldwide, and it definitely has.  In 2016 it was announced that baseball would make its return in the 2020 Summer Olympics and I'm not sure what this means for the WBC. The fervor for the WBC might not be palpable in the US but the point was to expand the game beyond our borders meaning maybe we