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1992 Memphis Chicks cap - Fresh Fitted* Friday!

I've spent the past few weeks celebrating some different New York Yankees fitted caps so I thought it would be a fun change to take a look at a minor league snapback this time around. As far as minor league hats are concerned, the 1986 Memphis Chicks on-field cap is holy grail for me. This is mostly because Bo Jackson made his debut for the Kansas City Royals that year. 

I really dig that "M" but I can appreciate it even more knowing that another baseball hero of mine, Tim Raines, wore a cap with a nearly identical logo when he played for the Memphis Chicks in 1979.

It turns out that the cap I've been in search of is incredibly difficult to track down so when this 1992 Memphis Chicks cap turned up, I wasn't able to resist it at all. Even though it isn't quite the one that Bo wore, it has a striking design. Besides, the Chicks only wore this cap for one season so maybe it's even more rare than the 1986 cap after all!

*Even though this isn't a fitted I thi…

2008 New York Yankees "Virginia Tech Game" Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Last week’s spotlight on the New York Yankees World Series cap from 1998 got me pumped to do another sort of “Flashback Friday” this time around. I decided to fast-forward ten years to the special edition on-field cap the Yankees wore on March 18, 2008 during an exhibition game played against Virginia Tech’s baseball team. 

The cap has major significance as this particular game was played in memoriam of the shooting that occurred on the school’s campus on April 16, 2007. Yesterday marked the 8th anniversary of the massacre but I vividly remember that day. I also remember how sad this cold-blooded attack made me feel for a long time thereafter.

Tragedies like these are beyond words but this must have been especially painful for the Yankees to take because the wounds from the 9/11 were still relatively fresh. No matter what team you root for, it’s hard not to be impressed by the Yankees’ visit to the Hokie Stone memorial in Blacksburg, VA a year after the shooting. 
Because of this, I have…

1998 World Series New York Yankees Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

The 2015 baseball season is officially underway and if your favorite team is 0-4, I offer my condolences and I wish you the best of luck for next season. However, if your favorite team is 4-0 at this point then I must congratulate you on your all-but-guaranteed World Series championship...

I live in New York City so I'm surrounded by Yankees fans. Lots of them act arrogantly, but most of them are well-meaning despite their notorious reputation. While the majority of the baseball world is often at odds with Yankees fans, very few people empathize with them in their moments of pain.

I can relate to their (irrational) sorrow at the moment as their beloved team is currently sporting a 1-2 record. The reasons for concern are valid but I hardly believe that this team will have a .333 winning percentage at the season's end. My claim is not founded on personal convictions but rather, it's based on a precedent set by the 1998 New York Yankees. 

While you might know that the 1998 Yanke…

1996 Tucson Toros - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I'm writing about about one final cap from a team based in a Spring Training state to close out the theme of the past few weeks. I chose to focus on this Tucson Toros cap in light of the Arizona Wildcats' elimination from the NCAA Championship. I always thought it was so handy that there was a Triple-A baseball team in the same town as a big school like the University of Arizona. 
So after many years of baseball prosperity in Tucson, the death rattle began to shake when the Arizona Diamondbacks were born. It truly is sad to think that the harbinger of the end of minor league baseball in Tucson was the arrival of a big league ballclub in Phoenix. I guess I'll always have great memories of players like Craig Biggio, Kenny Lofton and Curt Schilling wearing the garish Tucson uniform with pride.
When I think about my favorite minor league cap logos from the 1980's and 1990's, I can't help but realize that that so many of them were from Houston Astros affiliates. Th…