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2002 Myrtle Beach Pelicans Snapback Hat - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

In last week’s Vermont Lake Monsters write-up I discussed how in addition to redesigning the current Vermont Lake Monsters logo, San Diego design-firm Brandiose was also recently hired to redesign the logo for the Norfolk Tides. 

The news definitely prompted my selection for last week's Fresh Fitted and it definitely has a role in this one’s as well, which - please Hammers, don’t hurt me - is actually a snapback of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans from the 2002 season.

One thing about bringing up the Myrtle Beach Pelicans reminded me that I had a Pelicans cap squirreled away that I’d never worn so that’s why I’m busting it out now. Like the Lake Monsters Cap from last week, the design on this cap is the one that was used before Brandiose worked their magic on it. In comparison to other redesigns that Brandiose has done, the logo on this week’s featured cap doesn’t vary too much from what they are using currently:

I love what Brandiose came up with for the Tides, but in retrospect I think th…

2009-2013 Vermont Lake Monsters - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

When I wrote about my Ft. Myers Miracle capa few months ago, I briefly mentioned Jeffrey Loria’s role in moving the Montreal Expos to Washington, D.C. Well, this week's Fresh Fitted is a Vermont Lake Monsters cap from 2009-2013 that I picked up a little while back and it ties back to that least partially, but we’ll get to that later. 

The reason I chose to bust this hat out now is because the cap logo reminds me of the newly rebranded logo for the Norfolk Tides, which is my childhood hometown team. I don’t wish to take the focus too far off the Lake Monsters but I should note that immediately after the updated Tides cap logo and uniforms were unveiled on December 2, social media was ablaze with consternation over the new look.

If you’d like to see for yourself you can head over to the Norfolk Tides Facebook page but I must warn you: the one thing I will say about the Tides' history and background is that people in Norfolk aren’t too crazy about change when it comes to…