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2015-18 Nashville Sounds (Diamond Era)

I was recently asked again if I had a favorite minor league cap and once more I was unable to field that seemingly simple question! To think it was only a year ago that I last discussed my struggle coming up with a definitive answer in my post on my  Carolina Pescados (Carolina Mudcats - Copa de la Diversion) cap . The hats mentioned in that post still rank highly up there in my view however I should have given a nod to the Nashville Sounds, especially the musically inspired logos Brandiose designed for the team's rebrand in 2015. This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is the Diamond Era cap from that set which I consider to be a true unsung hero of the collection. This cap was a wedding gift from a good friend of mine I met in college who grew up in Nashville and still lives in Music City today. Thanks again, Nate! I love how the soft nylon material on the inside of these caps serves as a guard against summer heat. I can imagine it must have been especially handy on some h

2015-18 Nashville Sounds Road Hat

The Pacific Coast League theme continues this week as another Tennessee team worth a look is the Nashville Sounds. Sadly, their road cap has just hit the road itself after the 2018 season as  the Sounds rebranded once again leading up to the beginning of their affiliation with the Texas Rangers the following season. I'm not sure  why the Sounds would abandon such an amazing logo, especially after such a brief time. It's also hard to believe that it's been a little over three years since  the home cap was featured on the site ! Unfortunately this is a "Made in China" cap and it definitely feels stiffer and boxier than other caps. It also feels like it's a size or two bigger than 7 3/8 but I suppose that's the risk you take buying New Era caps nowadays. Another thing that's hard to say goodbye to is the "Bred" (black and red) MILB batterman as the newest Sounds caps are dark navy, which I find to be interesting because they certainl

2015 Nashville Sounds Hat - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I was considering writing about a cap of a minor league affiliate of one of the teams currently in postseason contention but I decided to write about the Oakland Athletics' Triple-A affiliate instead.  The main reason I chose the Nashville Sounds for this week's post is a good friend of mine from Nashville is getting married in Music City this weekend and unfortunately I cannot be there.  Kind of impossible to deny the awesomeness of the f-hole style "N" over a guitar pick. Standard inside tags and panel taping but I figured I'd offer a glimpse in any case. I've written about a few Sounds hats over the years but this newest version of the cap logo might be my favorite yet. It was designed by Brandiose who you know by now is widely recognized as the clear leader in minor league brand architecture.  Made in U.S.A. guarantee. Here's hoping New Era continues to make efforts to produce some of their caps in the States.

2015 MLB All-Star Game Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

June is here which means it's the perfect time to start getting excited about this year's All-Star Game! Wait a second, maybe it isn't. Unless you are a Royals or Cubs fan there's actually no point in getting excited since the fans of those two teams are diligently stuffing the ballots with the names of their own players so nobody on your team will be in the starting lineup. Womp Womp.  I understand that undying loyalty can lead one to extremes but I'd rather have a little diversity on the field than just choosing my guys because they're my guys. Besides that, the starting line-up should really reflect this season's premier players rather than homer selections. I guess I shouldn't be sour grapes just yet as voting is still underway, which means that other fans can zealously stuff ballots as well. As a San Francisco Giants fan, 2015's All-Star Game was special as for the third time in five years our skipper, Bruce Bochy, managed the NL team. Al

2015 Biloxi Shuckers Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

Howdy Folks! Once again, it has been far too long since my last dispatch so I decided to make a change to the blog's format in hopes of consistently producing weekly "Fresh Fitted Friday" content. The FFF posts will now solely consist of a few photos with captions and when time permits, I will post in-depth analysis of the cap or its team's history. Those will be less frequent and perhaps a Throwback Thursday sort of thing. I'm eager to see how it plays out as well as hearing your feedback! Mobile: Instagram:  @baseballmilquetoast Twitter:  @FittedFriday Facebook:  Baseball Milquetoast If an oyster (or any other bivalve for that matter) did have a head, its eyes would give you a menacing look such as this. If an oyster decides it's going to use the bottom-half of the letter "B" as its bed, let it be. Over the past few years New Era has employed the cost-saving strategy of manufacturing some of its caps i and I