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2014 Pensacola Blue Wahoos - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

If you have been keeping up with the blog over the past few weeks, you might have noticed the focus on caps from teams that play in Major League Baseball's spring training states. I've said this many times before, but the most hopeful time of the year for a baseball fan is when spring training reaches its final weeks as it is now.
Being a fan of the San Francisco Giants, it pains me to see my team floundering in the spring instead of deftly defending the championship that they won last November. As of publishing time, the Giants' win-loss record of 6-18 gives them a winning percentage of .250 which is the lowest of all MLB teams. Meanwhile their biggest rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers, have a win-loss line of 13-6. Their .684 winning percentage is the highest in all of MLB. However, let's not forget that their schadenfreude is fleeting, as the regular season begins in just over a week.

To feel better in times like these I have to remind myself of all the awful things that…

1958 Phoenix Giants (Ebbets Field Flannels Retro) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

When the New York (baseball) Giants moved to San Francisco in 1958, their fans in New York weren't the only ones feeling the heartache of losing their team. For decades, the San Francisco Seals were a major force in the City by the Bay. They marked their last season there by winning the Pacific Coast League's pennant in 1957 when they were an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. 

The following year, they moved to Phoenix and became the top farm team of the newly arrived Giants who displaced them and this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is the cap they wore:

While the city of San Francisco gained a tremendous treasure with the Giants, I can’t help but feel that the Seals’ departure left many fans feeling dismayed. They would get over it eventually and the fans in Phoenix especially had lots to cheer about. 

One of my favorite Giants from the 1960’s and 70’s (who isn’t named Willie Mays) was Willie McCovey and he had a two year stint with the Phoenix Giants before he made it …

2014 Fort Myers Miracle - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

After last week's "palm tree on a baseball cap" theme, I'm actually surprised that a logo design segue could possibly exist between that one and this Fort Myers Miracle on-field fitted. I suppose the big difference is that this cap features a baseball growing from the palm tree which is a supernatural element that could certainly be deemed a “miracle” of sorts. What I find to be a real miracle is that the state of Florida is currently represented by not one, but two MLB teams. If a baseball could grow from a palm tree, it would need help from a billionaire entrepreneur like Wayne Huizenga to do so. 
When I was a youngling just learning about the game, the only baseball that existed in Florida (and Arizona) was Major League Baseball's Spring Training and a slew of minor league teams running the gamut from Rookie and Single-A Leagues to Triple-A clubs. In those early years of baseball fandom, there was an imminent threat of a struggling MLB team moving to one of tho…

1989 West Palm Beach Tropics - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

The first week of March is upon us and there is not a more optimistic time of year for baseball fans. The first spring training games began this week in Arizona and Florida and we are starting to see what this season will bring for our favorite teams. While most players are eager to establish (and re-establish :::coughs:::Arod:::coughs:::) themselves, this week will certainly prove difficult for those who ended their careers after the 2014 season. 
I can't help but think that newly retired players like Derek Jeter and Paul Konerko must certainly be feeling "baseball withdrawal" right now. They were crowd favorites who consistently kept the fans tuned in. I'm fairly certain their respective teams would have continued to bring them back on one-year deals for as long as they wished to keep taking victory laps. 
Over last few years however, Jeter and Konerko each experienced a combination of injuries and lackluster performances compared to the rest of their careers. No …