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1998 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Answer honestly: are y'all getting sick of reading about these hats from The Great eBay Haul by now? I ask only as I've got many, many weeks worth of size 7 1/4 hats that I want to write about...and trade/sell off. Maybe I need to spice it up a little which is why I'm thinking of communicating this week's Wisconsin Timber Rattlers cap in Parseltongue! What's "Parseltongue" you ask? According to the Harry Potter Wikia page , Parseltongue is the "language of serpents...and those who can converse with them". This is a really good idea folks! Also, let's pretend the "W" behind the snake in this cap logo stands for "Wizard" rather than "Wisconsin"!  Oh you don't want to have fun? Fine, I'll just show you some interior crown photos of this vintage gem which I basically decided to feature today  because it has a maroon brim and black crown like last week's Williamsport Crosscutters cap . Aren't