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2021 Fredericksburg Nationals "George" Alt Cap

This week's National Day theme is of the three-day variety as we are about to embark upon Presidents' Day Weekend! To celebrate this much appreciated respite from the routine grind, I cherry-picked a Fredericksburg Nationals "George" alternate cap to celebrate the first President of the United States. I obtained this hat up from Hat Club in early 2021 and to me, this design is a fantastic way to tie American folklore into a baseball cap logo. I cannot tell a lie: I prefer caps that are made in the U.S.A. If there's ever a good time for a red, white and blue batterman, it's Presidents' Day One of the first things schoolchildren in the US are taught about George Washington is the Cherry Tree Myth and I only now  just learned from this article  that the whole story was fabricated so they could sell more books about the President. When students are learning about irony in later grades, this exact scenario should be highlighted as a key example. Well, back to

Early 2000's Hagerstown Suns hat

Over the next few weeks I've got a special theme cooking to feature all Maryland-inspired caps. Now that there is no baseball for me to watch at night, I'm revisiting old seasons of  The Wire  so I'm fully immersed in Balmer, hon and that's truth. First, let's heat things up with this Hagerstown Suns cap from the early 2000's: Look at this happy little guy! Actually if logos aged like people, he'd almost be old enough to rent a car without incurring a Young Driver Surcharge . That's right: the Suns have used this exact logo since 1993. There's also a good chance I'll be spending this Thanksgiving with friends in Maryland so these next few weeks are going to be a warm up for that. As the weather starts to get chilly in most places, nothing heats you up better than the Suns, amirite?  Try the veal.   Actually, I chose to start the Maryland-fest off with this Suns cap because of my appreciation of the MLB teams that have had farms in Hage

1999-2001 Harrisburg Senators Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Well folks, my baseball morale right now is the lowest it's been all season. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who continued their winning trajectory by sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks in the ALDS earlier in the week, are now set to face the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS for the second year in a row and I'm not feeling optimistic about this match-up. I was actually hoping the Washington Nationals would be the team to beat the The Doyers in the NLCS (and because I have no caps from any Cubs minor league affiliates) I am featuring this vintage cap from the Harrisburg Senators, who have been the Nats' Double-A affiliate since the team relocated from Montreal in 2005. The Senators sported this logo from 1996 through 2005 and I'm not blind to the irony of the Senators  ditching the Yankee Doodle Dandy fellow in their logo  as soon as their parent team in Canada moved to the capital of the United States. This combination of satin taping and sweatband tags are co