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2019 All-Star Game "All-Star Futures"

After tending to other responsibilities the past few weeks, I'm happy to come back to this blog with the League Championship Series in full-swing. I'm sad the Mets were eliminated as I was hoping for my first Subway Series as a New Yorker but at least the Yankees are in there competing, especially against a team as divisive as the Houston Astros. I had some fun "underdog" hats lined-up in the event of a Seattle-Cleveland series but unlike the NLDS upsets that occurred last week to determine who would compete in the NLCS, the two AL teams with the best records are facing off to determine the winner of their pennant. I'll save my NL underdog hat for next week but I'm going according to plan this time around as today's date is October 21 which means it's Back to the Future Day  and thus the perfect opportunity to highlight the "All-Star Futures" hat worn during the premier showcase event played in conjunction with the 2019 All-Star Game that was

San Jose Giants - 2013 California League All-Star Game

Unless something changes between now and next week, the last cap in this recent tour throughout the California league is going to be this San Jose Giants cap which features a patch commemorating San Jose hosting the 2013 California League All-Star Game. Side-patch mania is at another one of its peaks with cap collectors currently and while I'm not personally seeking out these newfangled releases, my thing will always be vintage caps of Giants affiliates that feature truly special patches such as this week's  Fresh Fitted Friday  selection. This patch ranks right after the 2007 MLB All-Star Game patch as far as I'm concerned. I love the Giants wordmark logo featured prominently on top of what looks like the In-N-Out logo and bonus points for the text specifying that the exhibition game was played between the Carolina League and California League. I'm only just now popping tags on this one so forgive me for the sticker shock here but wow... a Made In China cap retailed

2019 All-Star Game San Francisco Giants cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Welcome to the first blog of the 2020 baseball season! There were many bumps on the road up to this point but I’m hopeful the league and its teams continue to be dynamic in solving the new challenges it faces as they arise. T here's plenty else to talk about besides this rollout but I'll get to all that after we get through some "story time" on this week's cap. Last week's 2007 All- Star Game Los Angeles Dodgers cap was the first––and likely last––time I'll post a LA Dodgers hat on this blog but featuring such an adversity-laden combination of a hat was too strong an urge to resist and now to restore harmony, I feel compelled to  showcase a SF Giants cap. To that point, this week's hat is the 2019 variant worn by Will Smith who, as the sole Giants representative in that game, gave up a home-run to Joey Gallo and then got Francisco Lindor to ground out to end the eighth inning. Just one example why 2019 was a terrible year for the Giants. This hat

2007 All Star Game Los Angeles Dodgers- Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Lots to discuss this week, y’all. First up: baseball’s back! Well, kinda. Sort of. Not really. I'll get to my take on all that but first I’d like to discuss this week’s Fresh Fitted Friday cap which is just like the one worn by Russell Martin, Brad Penny and Takashi Saito as they represented the Dodgers at the 2007 All-Star Game which was held in San Francisco. You’re probably wondering what in tarnation an SF Giants fan is doing with an LA Dodgers cap in his possession, let alone being so excited to feature it on his blog. Well the quick answer is that this cap is special in that it is a role-reversal of what would have happened had the 2020 season gone as planned. In that scenario, the Dodgers would have hosted the MLB All-Star Game in Los Angeles this coming Tuesday, July 14. As you might have noticed from previous blog posts, I tend to purchase the Giants version of almost every All-Star Game hat. This year however, I would have found myself in an interesting predicam

Boston Red Sox 1999 All-Star Game Cap

Welcome back folks! I hope everyone had a relaxing All-Star Break and for those of you in the US — which I know is pretty much everyone reading this blog, however I still need to be inclusive —a joyous Fourth of July.  I spent the holiday weekend in Boston seeing Phish play at Fenway Park which was an amazing experience as I was able to see my favorite band play music in a ballpark! Even though there were rain delays on both nights, T he Boys from Vermont delivered the goods. In honor of this momentous occasion, I've decided to finally feature a proper Boston Red Sox cap on the blog. While this week's cap is not one that I personally own, the timing is just too perfect not to share considering my recent trip to Boston and that tomorrow, July 13, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of when the Red Sox hosted the game in 1999.  The embroidery's design isn't what anyone would call intricate but I do have an appreciation for the logo's green ba

2007 All Star Game San Francisco Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For this week's edition of Fresh Fitted Friday , I want to acknowledge and pay tribute to the 10th anniversary of the 2007 MLB All-Star Game that was held in San Francisco. Two years ago, I wrote about the cap that the New York Yankees wore during that game but for the 10 year milestone I feel the need to show y'all pics of the Real McCovey , I mean Real McCoy . I've lamented before about how I regretted not scooping one of these when they were originally being sold in Bay Area stores but at least I was lucky enough to eventually find one! I love this All Star Game patch and just to show I'm not a complete homer, I'll tell you I make every attempt to get my hands on any hat that has this patch, not just Giants ones!  In contrast with the aforementioned 2007 All Star Game Yankees cap, this one has the "Blue Box" New Era sweatband tag however the other tags and the satin taping match up with that hat.    One thing I did get wrong wh

2001 and 2002 All-Star Game Caps

As you know, last week's Fresh Fitted was not part of my collection but I nevertheless gave it some airtime for the sake of sweatband tag research.  I'm mildly obsessed with time-stamping my caps and this week follows in that trend so I hope that's fine by you. I got into a bit of a rabbit hole looking at All-Star Game caps from years past last week so I've got a bunch to show and tell you about today.  F or those who are fans of these caps, this is your lucky day. For those who aren't, this is not your lucky day. Some of you younger folk out there might remember a ballplayer by the name of Mike Hampton. I always thought he was a swell guy but Hampton is the name of a town near where I'm from so I might be biased. A 1999 All-Star Game cap signed by Mike Hampton was featured here before and while he went 22-4 that year, his 2001 season was not as stellar even though he made the All-Star team.   The "New Era" and size tags are ones th

Gary Sheffield 2005 All-Star Game Cap

Disclaimer : For the first time in a long while, this is a post that is not about Tim Raines or the Montreal Expos. I've spilled much ink over Raines and the Expos lately but now is the time to move past the celebration phase of the 2016 Hall of Fame voting results. I do believe this is an acceptable time to make a case for a player I grew up watching and one who deserves more Hall of Fame votes than he's received thus far: the inimitable and easily irritable Gary Sheffield! I realize a one-off blog post isn't going to get the man inducted into Cooperstown. Shef had his troubles defensively but it's hard to argue against the strong  offensive numbers he put up during his 22 year career. Even though Shef wasn't a DH, his numbers rival Edgar Martinez, Vladamir Guerrero and David Ortiz who are each worthy of induction.  /rant Whether you think Shef belongs in the Hall or not shouldn't stop you from enjoying the photos below which are of a signed hat th

Mid-1990's Retro National League Umpire Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

The time is nigh for any final preparations for next week's MLB All-Star Game so for San Francisco Giants fans like me, that means lamenting the fact that Boston and Chicago fans gamed the voting system better than we did. Who knows? Maybe it's not so bad that more of our guys aren't making the trip to  San Diego while Dexter Fowler and Ben Zobrist will be. Fine, let them enjoy Addison Russell at shortstop rather than benefit from a defensive wizard like Brandon Crawford. Since Wil Myers is the host city's lone representative this year, I do however understand selecting him over Brandon Belt as a backup at first base. While it does annoy me that there will be so much team homogeny at the All-Star Game, I'm more annoyed with myself because for the first time in as long as I can remember, I forgot to submit even a single ballot this year. Simply put, I have no right to complain about the selections so I'm just hoping the National League wins this year.