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1997 Lowell Spinners - Fresh Fitted Flannel Friday!!!

Even though this is only my sixth post in the last 14 weeks, this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection breaks a consecutive streak of hats featuring orange and/or green. While this is not a significant piece of information for you to know, I like keeping track of tidbits like that so that I do not place undue emphasis on any one particular color or theme. One area where I do enjoy being consistent is using this blog to connect my hats with current events as well as my own personal experiences. I also enjoy relating fun holidays to caps I own such as this Lowell Spinners on-field in tribute to "National Flannel Day" by  weaving in its connection to the rich history of textile production of Lowell, Massachusetts.  I love how the baseball is incorporated into this logo so much it might actually be my all-time favorite cap worn by a Red Sox farm club. The New Era "Flag" design came about in 1997 which is the year I would say the other sweatband tags here were used.