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1996 Erie Sea Wolves (Carolina Blue Snapback)

The past two posts since returning from my mini-break have been proper Fresh Fitted Friday entries however this week I'm switching it up with an Erie Sea Wolves snapback in honor of National Dog Day which is today, August 26. Erie sported this Carolina Blue look on their caps from their inaugural season in 1996 through 1998 however the next photo will support my argument that this cap is most likely from their first season. The lack of New Era flag branding on this cap supports my conclusion that it's probably from 1996 since the flag logo came about the following year. And judging by the condition of the sweatband on this cap, I don't think anyone has washed it since 1996 either. I obtained this cap in a big haul a few years ago in order to scoop up an  Appleton Foxes cap  and while that was a worthwhile purchase, I haven't even worn that cap nor this one because the sweatband situation is so dire. I mentioned earlier that today is National Dog Day and while a Sea Wolf

1982 Wichita Aeros (Hat Club Retro)

Two consecutive posts since returning from my most recent break and now I'm firmly back in my wheelhouse which is showing love to esoteric MILB logos! This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is a 1982 Wichita Aeros retro that I got from Hat Club back in the early part of 2021 while they were on a tear of releasing retro MILB caps. Wichita only wore this logo for one season in 1982 and despite the original cap being of the "Fresh Mesh" variety and that the thickness of Hat Club's "W" is way too thick here, what grated on me was their decision to use  red stitching on the white panels of the cap . All good though, all I needed was a a seam ripper to be back in business! I have an order in the works with my plug for a vintage snapback version of this cap which also has a green undervisor however for some reason I've always preferred grey undervisors when it comes to Montreal Expos affiliates. Either way I'm happy to have this logo in an "eve

Acapulco Gold "Ghost Army" (Gold Lightning)

Just as I anticipated, I'm back within a month of my last post and just the thought of regularly writing again is very comforting as this summer has been busier than usual for me. I'm now mentally preparing myself for autumn and all the fun activities that I associate with the season with the top item of that list being Halloween! The tradition of remembering the departed is celebrated around the world throughout different times of the year and can known by a variety of names. For  example, in China and many parts of Southeast Asia, the Ghost Festival, also known as the Zhongyuan Festival, takes place on the 15th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar, which is today on the western calendar. One aspect of Ghost Festival is that spirits that are ignored are thought to create mischief and those wily activities are the inspiration for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection whose gold lightning bolts on are designed to pay tribute to the “Ghost Army” which was a tactica