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Denver Bears (1983 Ebbets Field Flannels retro)

As we enter the final weekend before the MLB All-Star break, now is a good time for some levity. I searched for some fun baseball-related trivia and the best I could find was that today is the 45th anniversary of the Disco Demolition Night  promotion hosted at Comiskey Park as the  Detroit Tigers faced the Chicago White Sox on a fateful summer evening. Music fans no doubt recognize Chicago and Detroit as two cities with rich musical histories so admonishing a "lesser" style like disco the night they play each other is apt. Unfortunately, I have no disco-themed caps—or even an interesting one from either team—but the "Old English D" on my Denver Bears retro from Ebbets can easily be taken for a Detroit cap. I do not know the technical terms for this wordmark's design elements other than serif but I will say there is a notable difference between this and Detroit's current logo. Interestingly enough, the embroidery here very closely resembles the logo used by

Milwaukee Brewers City Connect "Grill" Rail with Cooler Patch (Hat Club exclusive)

The past two write-ups have been notably more verbose than usual around here so  I hope this 4th of July weekend brings a sort of return to form as we celebrate the tailgating and cookout aspect of the holiday with a Milwaukee Brewers City Connect "Grill" cap for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post. This is a Hat Club exclusive which varies from the on-field version the Brew Crew wears during its City Connect games. In terms of aesthetics, I actually prefer how the baseball-stitched grill design from the right sleeve patch of the team's j ersey is the primary focus on this hat. Hat Club also released a non-rail version of this cap which flips the placement of the cooler and grill designs. Even though the "Brewed in Milwaukee" is not as easy to read here, I chose this one because the baseball grill logo needed to be front and center. Clean flat batterman logo on a powder blue crown is one of the most ultimate retro 1980s ways to go which means I am in full