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Baseball Milquetoast's Wish List

Dear reader, I feel that now is the time to dedicate a post with photos and descriptions of the caps in my continually evolving "Wish List". I haven't exactly been bombarded with trade offers lately so maybe having them all featured here might change that.  Hat Club has been killing it with their recent releases of retro MILB logos from the 1980's and 1990's so  the first few caps on this list are ones that they'd do well to release (or re-release in the case of the 1993-95 Utica Blue Sox, 1995-2000 Kissimmee Cobras and the 1994 Appleton Foxes). Tier 1, as the name would imply, includes caps that are at the top of my list and I'd be willing to part with any cap in my Trading Block for one of these beauties: 1982-83 Denver Bears (I have a retro of this but would LOVE to have a vintage as well!) 1989-92 Peninsula Pilots 1988-90 Jackson Mets 1983 Portland Beavers (I've never even seen a vintage version of this cap which is why I had to include a image o