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Hive Mind (The Clink Room) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

To celebrate World Bee Day last year I wrote about my Bad News Bees hat that I procured from The Clink Room and for today’s Fresh Fitted Friday post I am honoring the holiday with this "Hive Mind" cap which also came from The Clink Room.   If you’ve been reading the blog for a while now you know I’m a sucker for all things bee-related and the origin of that is my admiration of my wife’s affinity for bees. Her birthday happens to fall around the same time as World Bee Day which is perfect timing as I’m able to celebrate them alongside her every year. I added a "Bees" label to this post to make it easy to track previous posts but I promise this one is the most metal of all with honey dripping on the skull of this logo which was designed by Nashville-based artist Austin Gray aka   on Instagram.  This is the first hat from Austin that I’ve featured here and I've got another great one to share around Halloween.   There are more bee-themed posts pl

Cochinita (by Clinker Jacobo): The Clink Room "Taco Shop League"

The closest I've come to a proper Cinco de Mayo post here was with my Asheville Yacumamas Copa de la Diversión hat back in 2021 and because it'll be five years until the next time the holiday falls on a Friday, now is the time to showcase this incredible "Conchita" cap  designed  by  Mexico City-based artist  Clinker Jacobo. Jacobo has released dozens of designs via The Clink Room and while this is my first and so far, only one of their logos that I've bought, I'll be sure to get more in the future as their releases are always uniquely eye-catching. The emerald green visor and rust crown lend some seriously vintage vibes here and these aged hues fit perfectly in a scene involving tacos, tequila and tunes from a playlist featuring a steady stream of norteño and ranchera classics from the 1970s. The electric green Kong embroidery here sets it off completely for me. I love it. I mentioned earlier that the next Fresh Fitted Friday post that will fall on Cinco de

Fowlball (The Clink Room)

The date was March 24, 2001 and  Randy Johnson was pitching late into his final start of Spring Training. Very few people know or care that the  Arizona  Diamondbacks defeated the San Francisco Giants 10-6 in a split squad matchup that afternoon. The game wasn't televised and the box score is virtually impossible to track down however March 24 will forever live in infamy due to the only notable event that afternoon which was when Johnson faced Giants outfielder Calvin Murray in the top of the seventh inning of a game that was already highly contentious, even if it was a "meaningless" spring training matchup. Johnson fired a heater that Murray never had a chance of hitting, especially because a dove in flight with the worst possible timing got in front of the ball as it made its way from the mound to home plate. Much has been written since the incident but what is also notable is Murray's nephew is Kyler Murray, who is currently the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinal

The Clink Room "Moonshot" (by Clinker LeRoid aka LeRoid David)

I was too busy last week to dedicate the time needed to post but tomorrow evening is International Observe the Moon Night and as someone who has been fascinated with outer space ever since watching Star Wars as a young child in the 1980s, I just had to pull out this "Moonshot" hat from The Clink Room which was designed by LeRoid David. Counting my  Bad News Bees hat from my post back in May  and this one I now have both of Clinker LeRoid's creations for The Clink Room!  The dark navy crown and Vegas gold brim are a stunning combination however I think might have preferred a grey undervisor to match the moon's true color. Let's be real though: if this design ever gets reproduced, I'll buy it no matter what the colors are!   The Clink Kong embroidery on caps from The Clink Room are a beautiful and unique touch. The design on this cap is bonkers and the backstory on this hat goes so deep I had no choice but to pick it up, even though there's a slight Dodgers

Bad News Bees (The Clink Room)

Welcome back, folks! My unplanned sabbatical lasted a month but I'm glad to be posting again although I I envision this week's entry will be rather brief. Things are still busy for me at the moment but I could not resist sharing this Bad News Bees cap that I picked up via  The Clink Room with you fine people today in celebration of World Bee Day! The inspiration behind this design is rooted in the infamous 1986 San Jose Bees of the California League  who were not affiliated with a big league team, which was very uncommon at the time. Their roster was mostly comprised of MLB castoffs and the team was widely known as the "Bad News Bees" due to the general quirkiness of its players.   The only improvement to the sweatband that I can think of would be to add a tag with The Clink Room's branding to make the layout symmetrical. The visor and undervisor being the same color isn't my favorite aspect of this cap but that's all forgiven because instead of having a