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Acapulco Gold "Red G" - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I mentioned in the previous  Fresh Fitted Friday post that I'd be taking a little break from the blog and while my intent was to take a longer respite for most of the summer, I had to make a quick return for a special post as a shout out to my sister who is celebrating a birthday today. Ask anyone who has had a sibling in their life about the bond they share with that person and they will tell you that their relationship is unlike any other one that they have ever known. As we grow older our recollections become fuzzier but no matter how much time passes, each of us has touchstone memories that define our childhood. One of the most lasting experiences like that for me was when I was just over four years old and my parents showed me a gold necklace with a letter "G" pendant for my sister Gabrielle who had just been born. From that point on, whenever I look upon any design featuring that initial, my heart is instantly warmed as I think of my sister. I was visiting Boston f

Taking this week off so here's a Flashback Friday to the Yomiuri Giants

Apologies folks but I don't have a cap to write about this week but nevertheless, I hope everyone is having a great summer and is as excited as I am for the 2020 Olympics. The Opening Ceremony is always fun to watch and coverage of the festivities in Tokyo start this morning so if you're reading this bright and early head over to your favorite news outlet to tune in! Back to hats, in honor of the commencement of the Summer Games and today being the 45th anniversary of Sadaharu Oh hitting his 700th career home run, I  decided to do a Flashback Friday of a  Yomiuri Giants post I did back in 2013 . As a fan of the San Francisco Giants, I have no choice but to love our unofficial counterparts in Tokyo which means celebrating Oh is a must. Oh played all 22 seasons of his career for the Kyojin (巨人, the Japanese word for "giant(s)") and holds the  world record for home runs with  858. His 2,170 RBI and 1.079 OPS remain Japanese records to this day and  is in the top three o