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New Haven Ravens (EFF x Lids 2003 Retro) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It has been a very busy month since my last post so I sure am glad to finally have some time to write for week's Fresh Fitted Friday .  I have been buying up some fun caps lately which I am very excited to share here however this week's post brings attention to one I picked up almost seven years ago back when Ebbets Field Flannels and Lids collaborated on a set of retro MILB caps. That partnership was a very big deal at the time because until then, all other retros of 1990s caps featured inaccurately recreated logos and polyester materials while the Ebbets x Lids collection was true to OG specifications featuring accurate logos and made of 100% wool. Check out the Facebook post to launched the collection for some hot takes in the comments. Lots of folks were not enthused about spending $50 on these gems but as I was familiar with Ebbets quality at that time, I happily pulled the trigger on the Butte Copper Kings, Erie Sailors, Batavia Clippers and this week's hat which is