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Norfolk Tides (Trident)

Looking back at the past few posts made me realize that all of these recent caps have featured either green, yellow or orange hues which are ones that some might consider garish. So continuing on in that tradition, this week's Fresh Fitted Friday  selection is the "Trident" variation of the Norfolk Tides logo which falls within that loud category that tend to gravitate towards. I took the seam ripper to work here and I'm pleased with the results. Also, I'm not sure exactly when the Tides wear the "Trident" logo but this and the road cap are easily my two favorites. No knock on the home hat but it is going into its eighth year and I wish the team would play around with the colorblocking by at least featuring black panels on the front. Standard issue sweatband tags here. All good. I like the "Gatorade" vibes on the batterman here enough to add a new label for it on the this post and am committed to tagging future and past posts with featuring b

2022 Norfolk Tides - "Norfolk Squeezers" Theme Cap

Now that the 2023 ALCS and NLCS matchups are fully fleshed out, this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post seems like a good time to finally discuss the MLB teams that have had memorable campaigns and have earned the chance to compete in this year's postseason. I'd like to begin by first shouting out the clubs who are not moving forward in the playoffs. As a San Francisco Giants fan, my Schadenfreude was firing into overdrive as the "looking good on paper while winning 100 regular season games"  Los Angeles Dodgers were swept in the NLDS  this past Wednesday although I would have taken greater pleasure in that event had it not also meant success for the Arizona Diamondbacks. To their credit the Dbacks finished the season strong and have not lost a postseason game however they are a division rival so that is the extent to which I will tip my cap. I admittedly enjoy watching Zac Gallen pitch and Ketel Marte was a solid performer on one of my fantasy teams this year but I

2017 Augusta Greenjackets Alternate (Diamond Era) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

The Wingure (winged creature) theme continues this week with the Augusta GreenJackets and I started the party early this past Wednesday with a St. Patrick’s Day post on Instagram featuring the Pro-Line cap the team wore from 1994-2005. The reason it's not this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is because I already featured it in a blog post in August, fittingly enough, of 2011 which was a few years before I created my Baseball Milquetoast account on Instagram! I've apparently developed a little biennial St.Patrick's Day tradition with the GreenJackets here as I wrote about my New Era version of the hat to celebrate the holiday back in 2019. This year's honoree is a Diamond Era version of alternate cap logo the GreenJackets wore before their Brandiose rebrand in late 2017. I dig how the “G” integrates a “J” into it as a nod to the GreenJackets name and that the bottom serif on the “J” has a sort of stinger effect. My brother-in-law's initials are "J.G.&q

2016 Norfolk Tides Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

During the December 4, 2015 write-up of my Vermont Lake Monsters vintage cap, I discussed the wide-range of fan reactions regarding the newly redesigned Norfolk Tides cap logo. Naturally, the old guard was hesitant to swap out the beloved wave-topped T logo that the Tides have employed since 1993 in favor of the trident-wielding seahorse created by Brandiose which for the unfamiliar is a design firm based in San Diego. It turns out that the fans ended up appreciating Brandiose's efforts to the point that the Tides cannot keep the caps in supply enough to match the demand. I've followed Brandiose's output over the past few years and I'm thrilled with this collaboration with the Tides and that my hometown team now has a much-needed fresh new look. If you are browsing this page on a desktop machine, check out the social links on the right and if you are on a mobile device, click these links below: Instagram:  @baseballmilquetoast Twitter:  @FittedFriday F

1989 West Palm Beach Tropics - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I know it looks like a hat worn by the filming crew from a  Golden Girls Christmas Special , but this cap is actually orange and green, not red and green! While I'm not a big fan of the Miami Dolphins (nor do I care for dolphins in real life which is a story for another time) but I really do like the orange and green colorway. It exudes leisure! I know this blog is supposed to be about celebrating my fresh fitteds , but these caps are hard to come by. The cheapest fitted version that I could find was $50 on eBay but I resisted and spent less on a snapback.  Keeping things simple with that single New Era tag; sadly, the MLB and MILB logos need not apply here. I don't have too many caps with this white mesh material on the inside of the front panel,  so let's see how it goes! The first week of March is upon us and there is not a more optimistic time of year for baseball fans. The first spring training games began this week in Arizona and Florida an