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Minnesota Twins (Hat Club "Grape Jelly" with Target Field 10th Anniversary Patch)

There is no MLB-wide holiday to commemorate this week so for this Fresh Fitted Friday post I have decided to highlight what would have been the 66th birthday of legendary musician, Prince Rogers Nelson (aka Prince) with Hat Club's  "Grape Jelly" colorway of a  Minnesota Twins cap which features a Target Field 10th anniversary patch. As someone who grew up in the 1980s, Prince's songs figure largely in the soundtrack of my youth however a genuine appreciation of his music would only truly occur as I grew older and it continues to grow to this day. While his mastery as a recording artist is beyond compare, I think there should be more discussion around how strong he was as a performer as well. I regret never having seen him in concert however I am fortunate in that there are lots of videos out there that document his showmanship. And even though this is a baseball blog, I want to shout out  Prince's performance at Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show in 2007  which I high