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Phoenix Firebirds (2017 Ebbets Field Flannels Retro)

Last week's Fowlball post was a lot of fun to write and rising up from the flames of all that fun is another ornithologically tinged cap that also happens to be Arizona-related as well. This Phoenix Firebirds retro cap was part of a 2017 collection produced by Ebbets Field Flannels and sold by Lids. I love the crispness of the white sweatband and grey undervisor here and hope Ebbets' newly kindled partnership with Lids will bring back some of these classic designs from the 1990s. It's difficult to faithfully reproduce logos from the 1990s however Ebbets has a solid hit rate in that regard even though they're better known for their more esoteric releases. I made a plea for Ebbets to retro the Peninsula Pilots cap  and 1983 Portland Beavers in last week's Fowlball post and the quality on this Firebirds cap is what I'd like to see if either or both ever get made. Perhaps Ebbets will fulfill these requests if I keep promoting the other caps from that collection li

Fowlball (The Clink Room)

The date was March 24, 2001 and  Randy Johnson was pitching late into his final start of Spring Training. Very few people know or care that the  Arizona  Diamondbacks defeated the San Francisco Giants 10-6 in a split squad matchup that afternoon. The game wasn't televised and the box score is virtually impossible to track down however March 24 will forever live in infamy due to the only notable event that afternoon which was when Johnson faced Giants outfielder Calvin Murray in the top of the seventh inning of a game that was already highly contentious, even if it was a "meaningless" spring training matchup. Johnson fired a heater that Murray never had a chance of hitting, especially because a dove in flight with the worst possible timing got in front of the ball as it made its way from the mound to home plate. Much has been written since the incident but what is also notable is Murray's nephew is Kyler Murray, who is currently the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinal