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New Hampshire Fisher Cats - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Last week's Birmingham Barons post might have gotten me really hype on Double-A caps so I sense more of those coming over the next few weeks. Because today is my birthday, I decided to give myself a little shout-out by featuring a cap with my initials (NH) and what's even cooler about this New Hampshire Fisher Cats hat is that it's one my wife gifted to me. This is the primary (I'm so sorry; I couldn't help myself) cap worn by the Fisher Cats and while its logo is not as flashy as some of the other minor league caps out there, I like that the line through the H is the fisher's tail. Also, this is an article about the fisher. The standard current-day New Era taping and tags are found on this cap. Unlikely that this set of tags will change anytime soon, but hey you never know! I like that democracy was utilized in choosing the team's name but I'm hoping that for one game they do a "What If?" night and go by the New Hampshire For

1993-94 Birmingham Barons - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

If you follow  @baseballmilquetoast on Instagram —if not, please do so immediately— you'll know that on MLK Day I posted a photo of my Birmingham Black Barons cap to commemorate Dr. King's legacy and more specifically, his "Letter From Birmingham Jail" which was an open letter written while Dr. King was unjustly incarcerated.  While that hat has much historical significance, I also have an emotional connection with the Birmingham Barons of the Southern League as I associate that team with  Frank Thomas, who is  my all-time favorite baseball player. This card from 1990 shows Thomas wearing the Old English "B" cap logo lettering that the Barons had used since their reintroduction into the Southern League in 1981.  This is the photo used in Thomas' 1990 Best Card and I love that it's signed by the man himself. I don't collect autographs anymore but if I ever met Thomas I'd have to ask him for one. "The Big Hurt"

1992-93 Bend Rockies - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I had some trouble deciding which hat to write about this week, y'all. As much as I want to show off some of the newer caps in my collection, I've got all of these super rare vintage selections just begging to be flaunted. Also, I love themes so I couldn't turn down the chance to write about another Class A Short Season league for the seventh week in a row.  The Bend Rockies played in the Pacific Northwest League from 1992-94. The inaugural team was mostly comprised of selections from the 1992 draft while its parent team  would not play a game until the following year. Even though it's possible this cap is from 1994, I highly doubt it considering the tags are of the pre-1992 variety.  The lack of the MILB batterman here seals the deal; this cap is either from 1992 or 1993 as the batterman did not appear until 1994. Ideally, I'd like to believe that this cap is from the 1992 season as it would be the first time in the blog's history that I'

1995-96 Portland Rockies - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Happy new year, dear reader! As you are well aware, I capped off 2017 by posting some photos of rare gems that had yet to be de-tagged and I'm happy to be starting this year off with another one of those hats. So without further ado, the first Fresh Fitted Friday selection of 2018 is a Portland Rockies hat that I estimate to be from 1995 or 1996.  Portland only hosted this Class A Short Season team from 1995-2000 but this logo is legendary as it combines the major league club's aesthetic along with a rose, which is emblematic of Portland, aka the "City of Roses." I can't be the only one who finds it neat that the price of this cap is exactly the same as the team's inaugural season (as well as the year it was worn).  The usual suspects: classic mid-1990's sweatband tags A purple and black MILB batterman patch is a thing to be treasured.  Well friend, if you wear a size 7 1/8 and you've got a great cap in my size to trade