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Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Pre-1997 Purple Visor)

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me here but thankfully this time away has brought me back feeling recharged and excited to tell you good folks about this Tampa Bay Devil Rays hat that I have selected for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday  post in honor of today being National Citrus Day. The only other Devil Rays post I've ever done was the black brim variant of this cap but I just absolutely love the way the gradient pops even more with the purple brim here. The photo above shows sweatband tags are of the pre-1997 variety. This cap scores major nostalgia points for having the old school Diamond Collection tag attached.  Extra major nostalgia points for the tag from The Sports Authority. I have some high-quality childhood memories of my mom taking me there so I could fawn over caps like this one! I mentioned earlier that this post was only my second time writing about the Devil Rays which is a number that seems low until you consider there are some major league teams that