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1990 Miami Miracle

5/11/2023 Update: So between this post from 2018 and now I've learned a lot more about the nuances of the caps in my collection and a very important example of this was brought to my attention by a  @xclickaroox  who I feel is a must-follow on Instagram. At any rate, this good sir and I recently completed a trade of some fun MILB caps and during our talks he alerted me to the fact that the the hat from this post from 3/23/2018 is actually a 1990 Miami Miracle cap. The key distinguishing factor here is that the undervisors on Fort Myers Miracle caps were grey while Miami's were green as is the case with the cap in this post. The other discrepancy is that the Fort Myers cap feature a TM on the logo while the Miami caps do not. At any rate, I love finding out new things about my caps so if anyone ever finds issues with what I've written, please reach out.  One last note for posterity's sake: I won't update the verbiage below because it would take a bit more effort than

2008 Fort Myers Miracle Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Firstly, many apologies for not posting last week. I should have been more forthcoming about that but as they say: "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen." Aw shucks, y'all know I don't really believe that!  At any rate, with only a few weeks away left in the regular season it's finally setting in for me that David Ortiz's career of playing baseball will be ending as well. As a Giants fan, I'm still salty that he smooth-talked Pablo Sandoval into leaving San Francisco for Boston but then again, Pablo has been a terrible on the Red Sox and the Giants have been fine without him.  I guess one positive of Pablo playing in Boston is that I have more opportunities to heckle him when he comes to New York although it's easier to razz a player if they actually, you know, play . While I've never actively rooted for Big Papi, I respect him immensely and would never boo him. Also, he's huge and he could crush me if I upset him. A while back I de

2014 Ft. Myers Miracle Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I've written about the Ft. Myers Miracle on-feld cap before so this week's Fresh Fitted is just going to be a cursory look of a custom variant of that hat.  The main colors here are black, silver and pink and this colorway definitely goes nicely with sneakers that took part in the "South Beach" trend over recent years. They could have made the brim black but I think that the gunmetal is a nice touch as is the grey underbrim. The silver M is nicely subdued on the black crown and I dig the palm tree's pink leaves. The pink detail on the New Era flag and the MILB pops nicely. This custom colorway came out in late 2014 and the inside tags are consistent with other caps from that year not excluding the aforementioned Ft. Myers Miracle on-field cap. Of course, no trip to Miami is complete without an obligatory Golden Girls reference so I've got this enamel pin of my favorite character from the show: Sofia. The text belo

2014 Fort Myers Miracle - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This cap logo has been around for a loooooong time, and I hope it doesn't change a bit! Look at what's happening there and tell me  you don't envision yourself at a beachside ballpark enjoying a Cuban sandwich! Usual suspects of sweatband tags on current MILB caps in 2014 Standard MILB logo, but ain't nothing standard about Red, White and Blue! After last week's "palm tree on a baseball cap" theme, I'm actually surprised that a logo design segue could possibly exist between that one and this Fort Myers Miracle on-field fitted. I suppose the big difference is that this cap features a baseball growing from the palm tree which is a supernatural element that could certainly be deemed a “miracle” of sorts. What I find to be a real miracle is that the state of Florida is currently represented by not one, but two MLB teams. If a baseball could grow from a palm tree, it would need help from a billionaire entrepreneur like Wayne Huizenga