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1994 Albany-Colonie Yankees, Part 1

In celebration of the first Spring Training exhibition games of 2018, I’ve got something extra special to share for this week’s Fresh Fitted Friday: a 1994 Albany-Colonie Yankees cap.

If you are familiar with my cap wishlist, you know most are there because I love their logo design but some are also there for the rarity. This cap meets both requirements but I especially appreciate that the team only wore this logo for their last four years in Albany.

This cap reminds me of the many autographs I collected from Albany alumni when the Columbus Clippers came to play the Tidewater Tides however it lacks the gravitas of a Jackson Mets cap due to the organizational connection the Tides once shared with Jackson.

Nostalgia is an undeniable force in the world of baseball cap collecting but it’s not always a good thing. If you don’t believe that, think of all the yahoos constantly lamenting the impending loss of Chief Wahoo from the Cleveland Indians cap. I imagine these folks will be sour grapes u…

1998 New Haven Ravens Snapback

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, I want to thank anyone who took the time to consider the views I shared last week. I really do love the baseball hat community but sometimes folks get carried away when it comes to "maintaining tradition" but this week's New Haven Ravens cap is a safe Eastern League icon you're sure to love.

This cap logo is the one the Ravens wore from 1994 through 2000 and I prefer this version because it's the first one I ever knew and besides that, the other logo was only used from 2001 through 2003, which was their final year in New Haven.

I'm usually firm in my belief that the New Era flag began to appear in 1999 but the Colorado Rockies logo embroidered on the wearer's right side throws that notion off since 1998 was the last year of the Rockies affiliation with the Ravens.

The most recently made hat that I own which features the white satin taping is a 1999 Capital City Bombers cap and if you check that cap o…

1997 Richmond Braves - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I was planning on continuing my deep-dive into Eastern League caps however this past week's discussion over Jim Thome's preference that his Hall of Fame plaque not feature the Chief Wahoo caricature sparked something that I need to address here. As much as I love baseball's rich history, that appreciation should never cause someone else to suffer.

I understand that Chief Wahoo has been a part of the Cleveland Indians' branding since the 1940's but I encourage everyone to please take a moment to think about how different this country was back then. Racial segregation was still in full effect and people of color were constantly subjected to insensitive language and tormented on a daily basis in general.

We've come a long way since then in terms of treating each other with respect and I would be sad to think the end point for that progress is sports fans unwillingness to recognize that a seemingly harmless mascot or logo can in fact be extremely hurtful to their fel…

Hartford Yard Goats - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

The Double-A party continues this week folks and we're not just taking a look at any old Eastern League team this time around. This week's Fresh Fitted is an alternate worn by the Hartford Yard Goats, which as it turns out is a natural rival to last week's featured team, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. 

The team's rebrand by Brandiose in 2015 brought the design firm's calling card  - which is some sort of surly animal with clenched teeth - to the standard home cap. A handful of alternate cap logo designs came out of that campaign but I'm glad to have this particular one because it brings an understated simplicity that is all too rare in caps these days. 

Before they were known as the Yard Goats, the team was known as the New Britain Rock Cats and in my previous write-up on that cap, I mentioned how I wasn't particularly fond of teams with fictitious animal names but that I was somehow fine with the Rock Cats name. 

Maybe I didn't resist the name since many …