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2014 Scottsdale Scorpions Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

The team logo for the Scottsdale Scorpions might not be widely recognized by most casual baseball fans but die-hard San Francisco Giants fans sure know it when they see it. 

Major League Baseball's teams typically send their top prospects to varying Fall League teams every year but the Giants have consistently sent their top prospects to Scottsdale since the 2006 season and possibly before. The first few current Giants who are Scorpions alumni that come to mind for me are Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford who both played for Scottsdale in 2009.

I wish I could share some fun relics of Posey and Crawford as Scorpions from yesteryear but all the photos I found had watermarks on them and it turns out nobody likes watermarks anyway. Thanks to all things good and holy, Fox Sports isn't stingy with its images, especially this one of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout when they were both part of 2011's Scottsdale Scorpions class.

As much fun as it must have been to watch the 2011 team in ac…