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1981-86 Seattle Mariners

The first thought that popped into my head as I sat down to write this week's post was, "Wow, am I really going to not write about a minor league cap for the third post in a row? If so, when was the last time I went back-to-back-to-back with MLB caps on this blog?"

I realize that question might not be of any real interest to anyone other than me (and perhaps a few other nerds) but just in case you are wondering what the answer is, I should probably just tell you now so that you won't leave this page to search through the archives.

Three years. Yeah, it's been exactly that long since I've tripled up on MLB caps here. Under normal circumstances, three years is not an extraordinarily long amount of time but if February 2020 feels like it was many, many years ago then 2017truly does seem like a time long passed if you consider all of the insane world events since then.

I was reminded on my quest to find the answer to that query that it was my 2007 All-Star Game San …
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2019 All-Star Game San Francisco Giants cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Welcome to the first blog of the 2020 baseball season! There were many bumps on the road up to this point but I’m hopeful the league and its teams continue to be dynamic in solving the new challenges it faces as they arise. There's plenty else to talk about besides this rollout but I'll get to all that after we get through some "story time" on this week's cap.

Last week's 2007 All- Star Game Los Angeles Dodgers cap was the first––and likely last––time I'll post a LA Dodgers hat on this blog but featuring such an adversity-laden combination of a hat was too strong an urge to resist and now to restore harmony, I feel compelled to showcase a SF Giants cap.

One thing I see MLB doing right is creating awareness for social justice causes. I think the Yankees and Nationals joining together in a moving pregame ceremony before Thursday’s season opener at Nationals Park was the right thing to do and was happy to see the Giants and the Dodgers following in those steps

2007 All Star Game Los Angeles Dodgers- Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Lots to discuss this week, y’all. First up: baseball’s back! Well, kinda. Sort of. Not really.

I'll get to my take on all that but first I’d like to discuss this week’s Fresh Fitted Friday cap which is just like the one worn by Russell Martin, Brad Penny and Takashi Saito as they represented the Dodgers at the 2007 All-Star Game which was held in San Francisco.

You’re probably wondering what in tarnation an SF Giants fan is doing with an LA Dodgers cap in his possession, let alone being so excited to feature it on his blog.

Well the quick answer is that this cap is special in that it is a role-reversal of what would have happened had the 2020 season gone as planned. In that scenario, the Dodgers would have hosted the MLB All-Star Game in Los Angeles this coming Tuesday, July 14.

As you might have noticed from previous blog posts, I tend to purchase the Giants version of almost every All-Star Game hat. This year however, I would have found myself in an interesting predicament as my hat…

1977-78 Tucson Toros Retro - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Editors note: Whoopsie, forgot to publish this last week! Enjoy.

This week's Tucson Toros retro from Ebbets Field Flannels is the last vintage/retro style Pacific Coast League hat from my collection that I've got to share with y'all for the time being so I hope you enjoy the nostalgia before it's gone. Sorry, I shouldn't have gone there.

Well maybe I should have because my love for baseball was born in the 1980's so of course I mostly remember the Toros as a Houston Astros affiliate who wore a garish red cap like last week's Albuquerque Dukes cap.

I'd like to close out this week's post by sharing some images of cards featuring former Toros players with fun names wearing this week's design, albeit on mesh hats. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if those were the caps the team wore during games. I've been to Tucson and that place gets really hot!

1980's Albuquerque Dukes

I'm not sure if this is a record or not but I realized just as I sat down to write this post that it's been exactly two months since I've written about a snapback. Now while that Yakima Bears cap had some serious age on it, this week's Albuquerque Dukes hat is even older.

As hard as it is for me to admit to appreciating a Dodgers affiliate's cap I'd say Vero Beach and Great Falls Dodgers are their top logos from the 1990's that I just hate to love. Yakima Bears is pretty cool too so yeah, I guess that's like over half of their teams actually.

I suppose I should address the white elephant on the page and make some sort of statement regarding baseball commencing soon but I'd rather hold my tongue in case a snafu should arise however I'm sure would one come about regardless.

This quarrel between the owners and players stinks to high heaven. The rising number of Covid cases around the country combined with the lack of love and respect that the owners a…

Denver Bears Retro - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This week's episode of The Quarantine Road Trip takes us to Denver which is just a few miles away from my alma mater, University of Colorado at Boulder. I showed love to Denver's MILB past back in one of my earliest posts but it must be said that the longest-standing team name associated with the Mile High is the Bears, and not the Zephyrs.

The story of why this week's cap is very special to me is a long one but we're all in quarantine so luckily you have time to hear it!

So by the time I got to Boulder in the late 1990's, it had already been a few years since the  Colorado Rockies had replaced the Denver Zephyrs and while it was exciting to live in a major league market, there were aspects about minor league baseball that I remember missing and I now wonder if some of those newly minted Rockies fans felt the same way.

My main issue was that getting to Coors Field from Boulder was a major challenge as I was a college student without a car so transportation had to be w…