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2003 Buffalo Bisons Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

I've said it before but here it is again: it really has been too long since I've last posted. I hope y'all know how much I enjoy sharing these sweet glamour shots of my caps on here. If what they say is true and absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder then you will surely have no reason to turn away this week's featured cap: a Buffalo Bisons Snapback from 2003!

When I first got the idea to write about this cap (I'll get to that later), I thought the Buffalo Bisons were a more popular baseball team than they are. It turns out that there weren't gigabytes of images of players wearing caps from different years so that I could tell them apart. This meant that my barometer to distinguish what year a specific cap is from is something that I call the Jeremy Guthrie Litmus Test:

Last season Guthrie got to do something that little leaguers around the world dream of doing: pitch (and win) a game in the World Series. Even though the Kansas City Royals (thankfully) …