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Vermont Expos - New Era Buffalo Exclusive

The Vermont Expos hat I picked for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post builds on last week's themes of Vermont, Phish and the Expos affiliates and its one that I do not anticipate seeing anyone else wearing around any time soon as it is part of a limited production run of "fantasy" caps from  @djmach716  of New Era shop in Buffalo, NY. Fantasy logos is breathe new life into classic designs and I'm excited for this being the first of such hats that I've picked up from DJ via an assist from my friend  @yellowsub73 . There's a few more that I'm looking to scoop up but of course just to be on safe side, I am holding off on specifying which ones until that moment that I have actually procured them. As a native Virginian, I tend to gravitate caps with logos featuring the letter "V" and even though I know this one is not for my home state. The only thing that I don't love here is the red stitching on the white panels but I've used my seam-

1994-96 Vermont Expos hat - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

For the last post of 2017 I'm continuing the trend of showcasing a classic Class A Short Season cap while also paying tribute to my favorite band, Phish, who got their start  in Burlington, Vermont which is where t he Vermont Expos (now Lake Monsters) played.  The Vermont Expos of the New York-Penn League wore this logo from 1994 through 2005. Because there is no New Era flag it's safe to say this cap is from 1996 at the latest. The sweatband tags here have the mid-1990's flavor. Notice the size tag flapping in the wind! Can't believe for the second week in a row I've got a cap that's over 20 years old and hasn't had its tags popped. Ringing in the new year in style! This cap isn't for sale or trade however don't hesitate to reach out if there's something you like on the  Trading Block  and you are willing to  part  with any of the hats  on my  Wish List . Happy New Year y'all and a s always, thanks for coming back

Mid 1990's Vermont Expos Snapback

Last week's Montreal Expos post was a little heavy but y'all know how I get when I get to talking about that dang team! While this week continues on the Expos trend, I wanted to showcase this ever-so-fun Vermont Expos snapback from the mid-1990's. That's Champ. He's the team's mascot and he's an undeniably happy little fella there isn't he? He couldn't get mad if he wanted to. Even if Jeffrey Loria wanted to drain the swamp (or lake) in which he lives. I was looking for a fitted version of this cap but it's a hard cap logo to find so I'm happy with the snapback version for now.  We've definitely seen this tag before and while it's not a giveaway for a specific year, the lack of the "New Era flag" tags tells me it's pre-1997. As far as I've been able to tell, the MILB batterman has  appeared on caps around 1994  at the earliest. You're seeing it from the inside here so you can appreciate the lo