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B-Ball Stance - by Clinker SierraGonz (The Clink Room) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It seems as though every social media out there is posting ads and articles celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. While some of these posts seem to be overly-commercialized, as a hip-hop enthusiast I always appreciate when any sort of positive light is put on the culture that I have been fond of for the vast majority of my life. So in the spirit of not feeling left out in honoring 50 years of hip-hop,  this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is "B-Ball Stance" which was designed by Clinker SierraGonz for The Clink Room . Outside of liking of few of  @sierragonz_  posts on IG, I haven't interacted with them much but I'm a big fan of their work, especially the designs with Native American themes. As far as USA themes go, I can't think of one more unequivocally American than hip-hop. After all we are talking about a culture that was born here in the States and has spread its reach all around the world. In the early days of hip-hop, making your mark styl