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Throwback White Sox Caps - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

As a current resident of New York City, I can't help but root against the Boston Red Sox. I've been to a fair number of Yankees games since I've lived here and the ridicule that the Yankees' fans bestow upon the Red Sox Nation is a true marvel to observe. It's fair to say that Yankees fans are often described as being "entitled" due to their successes over the past two decades. They are also known to be abrasive in comparison to - and in their treatment toward - their counterparts in Flushing. Mets fans embrace their lovable losers and that's admirable but Yankees fans are not as forgiving of their team. Mets fans have fun at games even if they know that their team's losing record in the season means no chance of making a playoff appearance. Yankees fans have become spoiled to the point that not winning a World Series is unacceptable and not making the postseason spells out disaster. I appreciate the dynamic between Mets fans and Yankees fans bu

Columbus Clippers Batting Practice Cap

Before I get started on this week's Fresh Fitted, I feel obligated to offer hearty congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on their 2013 World Series championship. It's too difficult for a New York City resident to actively root for a Boston team, but in light of the Boston Marathon bombing earlier in the year my thought is that losing the World Series would have been an especially hard pill to swallow for Red Sox Nation. My only positive spin on this victory is that the New York Yankees will undoubtedly feel extra pressure to dominate the AL East next year. In light of all this, I deemed it appropriate that the first post of the off-season should showcase a rare cap from one of my favorite former Yankees farm teams: the Columbus Clippers. I know I've featured the Clippers in the recent past but this cap really stands out as one of the great forgotten ones of yesteryear. Behold the official (short-lived) on-field batting practice cap that the Clippers wore when they were a

Yomiuri Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

There will be no more "winter is coming" warnings; the end of MLB's 2013 season means winter has come. For those who are already starved for baseball, there is the option to turn one's eyes to the "Land of the Rising Sun" as there is at least a one more game left to play in deciding the next Japan Series title champions. As of now the Ratuken Eagles are up 3-2 in the series against the Yomiuri Giants.  While the Giants have competed in the Nippon Professional League since it's inception in 1950 (and since 1934 as part of Japan's Independent League and the Japanese Baseball League) the Eagles have only been around since 2005. The Giants - along with the Hanshin Tigers - are the most known and profitable teams in Japanese baseball so it's nice to see a newer team like the Eagles contending with these heavy hitters. As a San Francisco Giants fan, it seems unfitting to root for any team other than one called the Giants. Even though there is no a

1992-1993 and 1996 Phoenix Firebirds Caps - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I know I did a tribute to a San Francisco Giants minor league team last week but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to honor another former Giants farm club: the Phoenix Firebirds.  As time goes on, t his cap's logo becomes increasingly more obscure to even longtime ("die-hard") Giants fans. After all, who can really be expected to remember a team that has been defunct since 1998? Because of the Firebirds' affiliation and that the Giants have held their spring training in Arizona since 1947,  Phoenix was always full of Giants fans . When MLB awarded Arizona with an expansion team, the Firebirds packed up and moved to Tuscon and became known as the Sidewinders.  The team that was already there was called the Tuscon Toros (which was an Astros affiliate at the time) so they in turn moved to Fresno and called themselves the Grizzlies. There was also an organizational shake-up as the Sidewinders became an affiliate of the Diamondbacks while the Grizz

2011 Upper Playground New Era Pillbox Cap

You've got to accept what is the truth. Dave Parker and Lou Brock were some pretty slick dudes back in their playing days on the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals, respectively. To be fair, Andrew McCutchen and Yadier Molina add some swagger to the current iteration of these teams; plus, they are in tremendous physical shape compared to the most of the players from Parker and Brock's generation. I nevertheless have a soft spot in my heart for guys like Parker and Brock who exemplified an era of players who played hard on the field and by looking at these photos, you can tell they probably played hard off the field as well!  I dug up these photos of Parker and Brock because they are shown wearing the controversial pillbox caps of the mid to late 1970's. While the Cardinals are generally considered to be one of the most storied franchises in baseball, the Pirates haven't had much success in recent years until this season. As my obsession is fitted c

1999 Shreveport Captains Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It happens every year around this time. As baseball's regular season comes to a close, I can't help but feel sadness when the San Francisco Giants don't make it to the postseason. It's happened a lot over the years so you'd think I'd be used to it by now but it never gets easier. Even after two World Series wins in three years, I'm finding that this year stings especially hard because not only did the Giants finish poorly but the Los Angeles Dodgers are West Division champions. It's hard to write that, and it's even harder to read. In times like these I have to cheer myself (and hopefully some other distraught Giants fans out there) up with a vintage cap from a former Giants minor league affiliate. I was lucky enough to scoop-up this Shreveport Captains cap on eBay for a great deal a little while back.  I am still on the lookout for backups but every time i see a new listing for one  it's some ass-clown trying to get anywhere from $50 to $100

1950's New York Baseball Giants (Cooperstown Ballcap Co. Retro) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For this week's issue of Fresh Fitted Friday I'm featuring a 1950's New York Giants cap that was produced by Cooperstown Ballcap Co. I chose this  cap because i thought it important to recognize the rich history that the Giants had in New York City.  Doing a little background on the Giants will tell you that the Giants, or rather the Gothams as they were known when they joined the National League in 1883, were the main attraction for many years when it came to baseball in New York. The rivalry that they had with the Brooklyn Dodgers remains as one of the greatest baseball rivalries of all time.  The Giants were dominant in the National League in their early years and achieved more than their fair share of NL pennants. Still though, the New York Yankees winning World Series championships for the American League year after year effectively stole the spotlight from the Giants and the Dodgers. In 1958, both the Giants and the Dodgers moved to San Franc