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Acapulco Gold "ILL" - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

In addition to being my favorite band as a kid, Beastie Boys are the biggest inspiration for me moving to New York as an adult. As a Beastie Boys fan growing up in the 1980s, I used words like "def" and "ill" without understanding the context behind these slang words so when I saw the embroidered on the crown of this Acapulco Gold hat, I knew I had to have it. Any Beastie Boys fan worth their weight in salt owns a copy of the band's 1989 record Paul's Boutique and associates the southwest corner of Ludlow and Rivington with being the location photographed for the album's cover. This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is a tribute to the historical event of that corner being officially dubbed “Beastie Boys Square” tomorrow, Sept 9. I love how the serifs resemble those on the current "SF" logo and I'm already trying to think of names for a fake club I can use as a response to questions such as "what team is that?" which I am