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2003 New Britain Rock Cats

Hey folks, wouldn’t you know, it’s time for the 2015 Back-to-School edition of Fresh Fitted Friday! Hopefully y'all had a great summer; I know it has been a fun one for me but one downside is I haven’t posted in far too long. Well all that changes today as I’ve got a new (to me) snapback that I’m excited to welcome to the family: a New Britain Rock Cats cap from the early 2000’s. Look at that Cattitude! The "N" and "B" are for New Britain but kitty has no problem covering them up! If i had to put a firm year on it I’d say it’s from 2003 based on the inside tags, which are identical to those found on this 2003 Buffalo Bisons Cap . Same inside-of-the-cap tags action as other minor league caps from 2003. This Minor League Baseball tag seems to be unique to this cap, though I have never attempted to  hide my distaste for teams that utilize fictitious animals however, this cap has something different about it. Maybe I'll feel ok wearin