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2003 New Britain Rock Cats

Hey folks, wouldn’t you know, it’s time for the 2015 Back-to-School edition of Fresh Fitted Friday! Hopefully y'all had a great summer; I know it has been a fun one for me but one downside is I haven’t posted in far too long. Well all that changes today as I’ve got a new (to me) snapback that I’m excited to welcome to the family: a New Britain Rock Cats cap from the early 2000’s.

If i had to put a firm year on it I’d say it’s from 2003 based on the inside tags, which are identical to those found on this 2003 Buffalo Bisons Cap.

I have never attempted to hide my distaste for teams that utilize fictitious animals however, this cap has something different about it. Maybe I'll feel ok wearing this cap in public now because this logo has reached a new level of esotericism. As of next season, the Rock Cats will be defunct which means that as time goes by, fewer and fewer people will perpetuate the myth of this fantastical creature.

Make no mistake in that I realize how sad it is t…