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2017 "Team Cuba" World Baseball Classic Cap

At first glance you might think this is some variant of a Cubs hat but the Cuban flag on the wearer's right side is a good indication that something else is going on. And that something else is that this is the cap worn by Cuban team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Notice that World Baseball Classic sweatband tag where an MLB or MiLB tag would normally be? Yeah, see I wasn't lying to you earlier!  The embroidered design that the WBC has used since its inception in 2006 kind of has a Google vibe but I really dig it despite that.  I made a big to-do last week about the Olympics starting up but what I didn't say was that this one is extra special for baseball fans as the sport has not been a part of the competitions since the 2008 games and while there are only 6 teams participating, that's better than no baseball at all. Funny, I remember telling myself something similar during last year's shortened season. As much as I want baseball to be a thing in the Olympics

Taking this week off so here's a Flashback Friday to the Yomiuri Giants

Apologies folks but I don't have a cap to write about this week but nevertheless, I hope everyone is having a great summer and is as excited as I am for the 2020 Olympics. The Opening Ceremony is always fun to watch and coverage of the festivities in Tokyo start this morning so if you're reading this bright and early head over to your favorite news outlet to tune in! Back to hats, in honor of the commencement of the Summer Games and today being the 45th anniversary of Sadaharu Oh hitting his 700th career home run, I  decided to do a Flashback Friday of a  Yomiuri Giants post I did back in 2013 . As a fan of the San Francisco Giants, I have no choice but to love our unofficial counterparts in Tokyo which means celebrating Oh is a must. Oh played all 22 seasons of his career for the Kyojin (巨人, the Japanese word for "giant(s)") and holds the  world record for home runs with  858. His 2,170 RBI and 1.079 OPS remain Japanese records to this day and  is in the top three o

1995-96 Kissimmee Cobras

I have been so hyper-focused on trying to achieve so many firsts  with recent posts in celebration of this blog's tenth anniversary that I think I've lost touch with what drew me into cap collecting in the very beginning which is fitted MILB caps from the mid-1990's. It's been fun showing off some of my vintage MILB snapbacks and the newer gems which are mostly from Copa de la Diversion but for me minor league caps peaked in the 90's and this week's Kissimmee Cobras cap is a shining example of that. Its also the perfect cap to feature on World Snake Day which as it happens is today, July 16! I admittedly was not the biggest fan of this cap when it debuted in 1995 but maybe that's because it felt a little too reminiscent of The Karate Kid for me. Over the years though, I've realized the snake wrapping its tail around the baseball is a total power move that other limbless animal logos can only try to emulate   The sweatband tags here are of the 1994-96 v

Happy All-Star Break!

As exciting as the All-Star Game can be, there's something to be said about missing the thrill of seeing all the players on your favorite team in a live game situation so hopefully these next few days won't be too tough on y'all.  The Mid-Summer Classic looks to be a fun one tonight and the cap to be worn during the game looks better than the ones worn in recent years.  Last year around this time I did a post showcasing my favorite All-Star Game patch (2007) on the cap worn by my least favorite team (Dodgers) so this year the time is right to share a link to a post from 2011 featuring my second favorite All-Star Game patch (2008) on my second favorite team (New York Yankees) so click this link to check it out:  2008 MLB All-Star Game Caps

US Tour of Japan (Ebbets Field Flannels Retro)

This is the cap that the All Americans team wore during their 1934 Tour of Japan which I'll provide more details about further below. In the meantime, take a moment to appreciate the subtle elegance of this two-toned interlocking logo.   I've had this hat for at least five years and maybe more but you wouldn't know it by looking at the way this beauty has held up all these years. Ebbets is the best when it comes to quality. Big fan of the green satin under visor which in my opinion looks better an better the more you wear the cap As we are about to enter July Fourth Weekend, I am compelled to take inventory of what it means to me to be an American . This past year has been full of national events and experiences that have given me much to consider especially as it pertains to race relations. There's a lot of work ahead for us as a nation but at this point I feel confident that good will overcome evil and hatred. The pandemic has taught me many things but a big lesson I