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2014 Asheville Tourists Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

I had so much fun last week writing about my vintage Asheville Tourists cap that I decided one post was simply not enough! While last week touched on a vintage cap logo, this week's post features the one they have worn from 2011 through today.
What made last week's cap especially fun for me was that I had friends visiting from out of town which meant that I wore it spending all day Saturday in my current home city of New York being guessed it: Tourist! 
That symbolism was giggle-worthy when it finally occurred to me and as it happens his week I'm on vacation in Colorado which is one of my former homes as it is the state where I attended university. This only means that it is now my turn to play the part of Tourist in a place that is both familiar and foreign to me!
While I'm here, I'll be looking forward to revisiting all of my old haunts and learning about new ones, all while wearing this sweet Asheville Tourists hat that I've had in waiting since 2014. 

Early 1990's Asheville Tourists Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

How does that one saying go? "Another week on Baseball Milquetoast, another cap from a South Atlantic League team"

I know I should probably monitor my exuberance for this league but that's proving difficult as I am starting to realize just how much I appreciate the rich history of the SAL (or Sally, depending on how the mood suits you) and its teams. While there have been multiple iterations of the South Atlantic League, the most recent incarnation began in 1980 and the Asheville Tourists can proudly claim to have been there since its inception. 

The Greensboro Grasshoppers (originally Hornets) and the Charleston RiverDogs (originally Royals) are the two other current SAL teams who were part of that founding class although Asheville is the only one of the three that still has its original moniker from the league's inaugural season. I'd like to eventually visit all three of these places during the baseball season, as well as any of the other Sally cities although …

1992 Greensboro Hornets Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Considering one of the earliest minor league baseball caps I ever owned was a Greensboro Hornets one, it's hard to believe it's taken me this long to write about this team's hat. Well, I suppose that's only partially true as I once posted a 1996 Greensboro Bats cap but I'm really glad to finally show some love to this iconic gem.

When I first started going to Norfolk (then-Tidewater) Tides games as a youth in the early 1990's, I'm not sure if I knew there was any difference between the players I was watching on the field and the ones from televised games and highlight reels.  I figured it out eventually and at first I was disappointed that I wasn't ever going to see Rickey Henderson, Roger Clemens and Ken Griffey, Jr. play in a game, which is normal kid stuff I guess. Still, it didn't take long before I found out that the best players out there were only a heartbeat away from the majors and I finally began to start appreciating what I had. 

I develope…

2014 Jackson Generals Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This week's Fresh Fitted is a Jackson Generals cap that I picked up in late 2014. I initially thought that this cap's team was the same Jackson Generals that I knew about in the 1990's but it turns out I was wrong. Check out these photos of this week's selection and then read more about how a team's moniker confused me ever so greatly!

Have you ever listened to Johnny Cash and June Carter’s song “Jackson” and wondered whether they were referring to Jackson, Tennessee or Jackson, Mississippi? Well, you might not have but that’s probably because you either don’t care or maybe you just assumed that they were singing about Jackson, TN because Cash spent the last fifty or so years of his life in that state, right?

Well, what always made sense to me was that the song was about Jackson, MS because it was the only Jackson I had ever heard of and I only knew about it from having to learn every state’s capital in elementary school. 
My only other knowledge of Jackson, MS comes…