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1998-2001 Fresno Grizzlies Snapback

After last week's double-dose of Denver Bears hats, I must ask if you are prepared for yet another bear-themed cap this week because today is National Teddy Bear Day as well as National Care Bears Share Your Care Day and I had no choice but to break out this 1998 Fresno Grizzlies snapback for the occasion. It's also California Admission Day and if you've ever glanced upon California's state flag, you are most likely envisioning the grizzly bear featured on it at this very moment. I am almost ashamed to admit this as a former resident of California yet I never once took interest in researching why the state is known as the  "Bear Flag Republic" until today. I'll spare you the history discourse on the Mexican-American war and Mexico's War of Independence for the time being but I should note the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846  only lasted a total of 25 days and the events that transpired were a key component in California being officially annexed by the United

1998 New Haven Ravens Snapback

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, I want to thank anyone who took the time to consider the views I shared last week. I really do love the baseball hat community but sometimes folks get carried away when it comes to "maintaining tradition" but this week's New Haven Ravens cap is a safe Eastern League icon you're sure to love. This cap logo is the one the Ravens wore from 1994 through 2000 and I prefer this version because it's the first one I ever knew and besides that, the other logo was only used from 2001 through 2003, which was their final year in New Haven. I'm usually firm in my belief that the New Era flag began to appear in 1999 but the Colorado Rockies logo embroidered on the wearer's right side throws that notion off since 1998 was the last year of the Rockies affiliation with the Ravens. The most recently made hat that I own which features the white satin taping is a 1999 Capital City Bomber

1997-98 Norwich Navigators - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection from The Great eBay Haul, I decided to continue riffing on the reptile theme from last week's Wisconsin Timber Rattlers post with this Norwich Navigators cap from 1998. Get it? Navi-GATORS?!?! HAHAHAHA The Albany-Colonie Yankees of the Eastern League moved to Norwich, CT in 1995 and their rebrand as the Navigators lasted until the 2006 season when they became the Connecticut Defenders. In 2010, the team moved to Virginia and ever since have been known as the  Richmond Flying Squirrels which was a rebrand helmed by Brandiose. The logos and sweatband tags are spot on with other caps that are tagged here as 1998 but as we saw with last week's Timber Rattlers cap, the lack of a New Era flag is not always a dead giveaway that a cap is from before 1999. Just like with last week's cap, I've seen lots of 1999 baseball cards where players wore Navigators caps without the flag.  One last item of note th

1998 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Answer honestly: are y'all getting sick of reading about these hats from The Great eBay Haul by now? I ask only as I've got many, many weeks worth of size 7 1/4 hats that I want to write about...and trade/sell off. Maybe I need to spice it up a little which is why I'm thinking of communicating this week's Wisconsin Timber Rattlers cap in Parseltongue! What's "Parseltongue" you ask? According to the Harry Potter Wikia page , Parseltongue is the "language of serpents...and those who can converse with them". This is a really good idea folks! Also, let's pretend the "W" behind the snake in this cap logo stands for "Wizard" rather than "Wisconsin"!  Oh you don't want to have fun? Fine, I'll just show you some interior crown photos of this vintage gem which I basically decided to feature today  because it has a maroon brim and black crown like last week's Williamsport Crosscutters cap . Aren't

1998 Calgary Cannons Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Are you a U.S. citizen who has recently been considering a move to Canada? Perhaps a single-payer healthcare system appeals to you? Maybe you are intrigued that their nation's leader has actual political experience as opposed to simply being a crass reality TV star who inherited a real estate business from his father? Either way, no judgement!  Keep in mind, as a baseball fan in Canada you probably will not attend many live games. The Toronto Blue Jays are an option but what if you are moving to a western province? If your new home is in British Columbia, consider yourself lucky since the only minor league team in Canada affiliated with Major League Baseball is the  Vancouver Canadians . If you don't live in Toronto or Vancouver, independent leagues like the  Can-Am League  and the American Association  have teams representing cities such as Ottawa, Quebec City and Winnipeg. Of course, Montreal is still in serious need of a professional team but so are Canada's 4th a

1998 World Series New York Yankees Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

I think this is a sweet World Series side patch, but I like the ones from 2012 and 2013 that have the trophy on them even more.   I go to lots of Yankees games and I love it when I see the veteran fans wearing this cap! Get a good look at those sweatband tags from 1998!  It's not common to find this cap in unused condition. I guess some fan was still rocking his 1996 World Series cap when this one surfaced. By the time he was ready for it, the Yankees were selling caps for the 1999, 2000 and 2001 World Series, though the 2001 cap is not one that you'll see fans wearing for obvious reasons. You all know what the Yankees logo looks like and represents: pure Death Star status right there! The 2015 baseball season is officially underway and if your favorite team is 0-4, I offer my condolences and I wish you the best of luck for next season. However, if your favorite team is 4-0 at this point then I must congratulate you on your all-but-guaranteed World Ser