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2006-2014 Jamestown Jammers - Fresh Fitted Friday

I've had a good time covering caps of classic New York-Penn League from current teams over the past few weeks but I'm switching gears for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday  by  paying tribute to a classic yet now defunct team: the Jamestown Jammers. I've mentioned this before but I used to work in the food and wine industry so I've got a special connection to grapes, which is a big reason I'm drawn to this cap.  The image used for this cap logo is of Bubba Grape, which is the mascot the team used for Jammers 2.0, an era that spanned from 2006 through the team's final season in 2014.  This cap could be from anywhere in between that time frame but you can cancel out 2006 through 2008 because the team wore wool caps with grey underbrims those seasons.  I'd say you could also negate the last few years of the Jammers 2.0 era because the satin taping as seen above features the "Originators of the True Fitted" text and as I dis

2008-12 St. Lucie Mets Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Even though my stock of caps from the Sunshine State isn't quite depleted, I've few other themes in mind for the coming weeks so this one is now winding down. In the meantime, I hope you dig this week's cap: a St. Lucie Mets cap featuring the "Big Fly" logo! I've seen this version of the cap logo on caps as far back as 2001 although it was usually on ones with black crowns until about 2008 MILB switched over to polyester caps with black underbrims in 2008 so that's the earliest this cap could be from which makes sense considering the writing on the satin taping. I like the amount of orange on the MILB batterman here. I'm definitely not a New York Mets fan but you better believe I'll wear this hat to a game at CitiField at least once this season! I'm really digging the 30th Anniversary cap that Justin Dunn is wearing here and that the St. Lucie Mets will be wearing throughout this season. Speaking of anniversary caps, I re

2009 New York Yankees Ballcap - Inaugural and World Series

The 2009 New York Yankees ball cap is a special one for me because it not only marks the inaugural year of Yankee Stadium but it also reminds me of my last baseball season in California before I made New York City my new hometown. I had never owned a Yankees cap before I purchased a 2009 World Series cap. However, while the World Series patch was accurate, the logo on the rear of the cap was not the inaugural patch, but rather the grey and white MLB batter-man logo from 2010. I didn't realize that the cap I had obtained was not a correct game-worn representation until I revisited some video footage and saw that the inaugural patch was so prominent. This probably means that New Era wanted to produce more World Series caps but ran out of inaugural patch caps and used the following season's caps, which is a Bush League maneuver if you ask me! One thing that I notice about the caps with the inaugural patch is that they fit looser than the caps with the traditional MLB embroide