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1988 Greensboro Hornets (Roman Pro Cap Co.)

I took last week off but I'm going to kindly ask you count this week's 1988 Roman Pro Cap Co. Greensboro Hornets post as a March entry because it definitely falls in line with the trend of all the ones from that month featuring some green. It also counts as a Wingure cap…barely. Even though it doesn't show a winged creature doing baseball stuff, I've decided the team name being "Hornets" is enough to consider this a "Wingure" cap.  So much green!!!! There's definitely some "fresh mesh" stuff happening here which makes this a perfect option for the warmer months ahead.  I briefly discussed my desire for a retro release of this cap logo in my Greensboro Grasshoppers post from 2018 and while I'm bummed that never came to fruition for me, I'm absolutely thrilled to have a vintage version. It wouldn't hurt to have a retro release also though, as I'd love to keep this snapback on ice so that it continues to stay fresh for yea

1992 Greensboro Hornets Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Considering one of the earliest minor league baseball caps I ever owned was a Greensboro Hornets one, it's hard to believe it's taken me this long to write about this team's hat. Well, I suppose that's only partially true as I once posted a 1996 Greensboro Bats cap but I'm really glad to finally show some love to this iconic gem. Greensboro only had this cap logo from 1990 through 1993, but it was glorious while it lasted A red hornet is not one you want to tangle up with, especially not one wielding a bat The sweatband tags here are identical to those found on my post of this Everett Giants cap Grey underbrim, white sweatband and the absence of the New Era and MILB  batterman logos is the best combination  When I first started going to Norfolk (then-Tidewater) Tides games as a youth in the early 1990's, I'm not sure if I knew there was any difference between the players I was watching on the field and the ones from televised games