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1984 Everett Giants

Trend alert! So for the third straight week we are looking at a Class A Short Season team however unlike the last few posts, this week the team is not from the New York-Penn League but rather its west coast counterpart. I've previously posted about hats of the Everett Giants (now AquaSox) of the Northwest League and based on all of the images I've seen, this particular version was only worn during their inaugural season in 1984. The  only images I've found of an Everett Giants player wearing this version of the cap are in the  black and white photographs used for the baseball cards from the 1984 Cramer set and I think I see some  discrepancies between these two caps. While my cap has a green underbrim it seems as though Joe Olker is seen here wearing what appears to be a grey underbrim on his cap. I'm at loss as to why a black and white photo was used for a baseball card as recently as 1984 but, alas. Side note: I have a friend who is

1990 Everett Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I know what's going through your mind right now: "enough with the snapbacks, already!" is what you are thinking, right? Well, you're correct in that the snapbacks have gotten much love around here lately but I couldn't help myself from sharing this particularly fresh 1990 Everett Giants snapback with you.  The reason it's releasing from the vault today is because my beloved San Francisco Giants are in town to play the New York Mets this weekend and I wanted a unique hat to wear to the game tonight. I also decided to wear this snapback to the game because it fits me a little better than the fitted 1992 version of the cap that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  This particular variation of the cap is one that they wore only for the 1990 season A closer look at the single-season beauty that is this cap logo. The only inside tag on this one is of the New Era variety Here's a look at the Made in U.S.A. writing on the back of the sn

1992 Everett Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

As I'm sure anyone reading this is already aware, Monday, April 3, 2016 was Opening Day however I have a question for the baseball purists out there: did it feel less special because there were three televised games on Sunday, April 3, which was the day before Opening Day? This question is tricky because some might say having Opening Day on a Monday is a tradition that must be observed but then there are also those that wonder who in their right mind would be upset that the baseball season began early ? I love the traditional aspect of the game but I admit that I fall into the latter camp simply because my motto is "more baseball, more better". Well that's not really my motto but one of my dreams is for Major League Baseball to expand and have a short-season league in the Southern Hemisphere (or make the Australian Baseball League a thing) so that MLB could have games year-round, meaning there would be two Opening Days! In that case, let's talk logistics