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Return of Fresh Fitted Friday!!! - Orlando Sun Rays 1992 cap

Update: While I originally stated that this cap was from the later years of the Sun Rays history, I really should have also mentioned that 59Fifty tags didn't appear until 1994. This is important because while I've seen New Era use older, leftover tags on caps, this is the first clear example I've seen where they applied a 59Fifty tag from 1994 on a cap that was defunct by 1993. Either I've been wrong about the 59Fifty tag first appearing in 1994 or that they ran out of the 1992 tags at some point in the manufacturing process and had to use the ones from 1994 instead, which is so weird.
Friends, I have not worn a "fresh fitted" on a Friday in far too long, thus prompting my return to the game. I spent the winter collecting new fitteds but I have been cycling through my old favorites for daily wear. I was doing some organizing the other day and I dusted off this little known headpiece from a stack of caps yet to be worn.
While I usually try to have a theme to di…