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1996 Tucson Toros - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This Tucson Toros cap logo is not the most iconic, but it's not without symbolistic importance.

You might be asking yourself, "how is ripping off the Chicago Bulls logo symbolic?"and to that I can only reply with, can you not tell that there are no red tips on this Bull's (oops!) Toro's horns?

It seems like Pro-line went with the extra-round varietal of brims this particular season.

Good ol' sweatband tags doing their jobs!

I'm writing about about one final cap from a team based in a Spring Training state to close out the theme of the past few weeks. I chose to focus on this Tucson Toros cap in light of the Arizona Wildcats' elimination from the NCAA Championship. I always thought it was so handy that there was a Triple-A baseball team in the same town as a big school like the University of Arizona. 

So after many years of baseball prosperity in Tucson, the death rattle began to shake when the Arizona Diamondbacks were born. It truly is sad to think that the harbinger of the end of minor league baseball in Tucson was the arrival of a big league ballclub in Phoenix. I guess I'll always have great memories of players like Craig Biggio, Kenny Lofton and Curt Schilling wearing the garish Tucson uniform with pride.

When I think about my favorite minor league cap logos from the 1980's and 1990's, I can't help but realize that that so many of them were from Houston Astros affiliates. The ones from that era that instantly come to mind are Asheville Tourists, Jackson Generals and Tucson Toros. 
While I do have recent caps from each of those teams, my real "holy grails" are the more vintage versions. The iconic Toros cap that I'm currently on the hunt for is red with a letter "t" that is shaped like a bull's horns however, the one featured now might actually be more rare! 

It seems as though this version was only used as a road cap for a season or two at the end of the Toros' affiliation with the Astros. After much searching, the only photo I found of a player wearing it was Bobby Abreu during a Toros road game against the Las Vegas Stars in 1996. I tried lifting it from that site but the guy charges some licensing fee that I'm not down with so I scrapped that idea. 

At any rate, I wish everyone (except Los Angeles Dodgers fans) lots of luck in this upcoming baseball season. Just remember, at the beginning of the year everyone is in first place! Well that's true for everyone except Dodgers fans. You guys are always last in my book. Aw shucks, I'm just fooling. I wish you guys luck as well. Just as long as you steer clear of the postseason I'll be happy!