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1987-94 Charleston Wheelers Snapback

I've got another snapback for this edition of Fresh "Fitted" Friday but while last week's Charleston Charlies design is synonymous with a team's departure from town, this time I've got the iconic logo the team wore when baseball returned in 1987 all the way until they rebranded to become the Charleston Alley Cats in 1995.

I always thought this logo referenced the smog produced by the coal mines in West Virginia but it turns out that puffy cloud is a representation of the steamboats that chugged along Charleston's Kanawha River starting back in the early 19th century.

 I was hoping to find a fitted version of this cap but this snapback will just have to do for now as I've been on the hunt for this logo for years!

This sweatband is so white it could pass for a clerical collar so yeah, I'd say this this hat is in pretty good shape considering it's about 30 years old.

During my boat ride down Wheelers memory lane, this 1987 ProCards James Hendrix card stuck out as it made me think of James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, who is my absolute favorite guitarist of all time. Not sure if this guy plays guitar or not but that would be cool.

This Bob Gsellman card from that set should also ring a bell, especially for Mets fans. A quick search confirmed the mustachioed gent here is in fact the father of pitcher, Robert Gsellman and here's a touching read on that family's story worth checking out.

To recap the action on the blog over the last few weeks, we have a clear picture of what baseball caps looked like in Charleston, WV during the 1980's up through the mid-1990's. Whether you can already tell what's on tap for next week or not, I will be looking forward to sharing the story of that hat with you good folks then!

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is not going on the Trading Block however please don't hesitate to reach out if you want any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

As always, thanks for coming back to read about baseball hat geekery. I've got comments disabled here so if you'd like to discuss a trade or simply just chat about hats, please feel free to connect via the following social sites:

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