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Pre-2004 Erie SeaWolves

I hope y'all are down to continue the love-fest for the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania again this week because I've got this Erie SeaWolves hat that I estimate to be from before 2004 and it really makes me want to keep this Keystone State party going! 

There is some mild mid-1990's cheese factor going on here and while this logo properly ranks highly among the worst in all of MILB history, I still somehow prefer it to the bat-less logo that the team has been rocking since 2013.

The messy satin taping here is something I've seen on a few caps from 2002, which as it happens was around the time these particular New Era and Size tags began to appear as well as the last year this version of the MILB sweatband tag tag was used.

As a Giants fan, I've got serious love for the black and orange MILB batterman embroidery here. 

Former Giant Cody Ross was on the SeaWolves in 2002 and here's a video of Ross the Boss 2010 highlights which has been instrumental in maintaining my warm fuzzies pertaining to the 10th anniversary of the Giants 2010 World Series win. Those feelings have been few and far between ever since the Dodgers served me a cold shower earlier this month by clinching their first championship since 1988, which is the year Clayton Kershaw was born.

Homero Rivera pitched for Erie from 2001 through 2003. This guy looks mad cool.

I feel silly for only just now realizing this cap is almost 20 years old but another thing that didn't dawn on me until now is that I failed to discuss the nautical theme of this week's logo. Fear not though as I have a plan to right that ship (sorry, couldn't resist) next week. In the meantime, check out this write-up history of the Erie SeaWolves by the good folks at

Truth be told, I'm actually a little skeeved out by the logo on this cap so I'm considering putting it on the Trading Block so please don't hesitate to reach out if you want this or any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

As always, thanks for coming back to read about baseball hat geekery. I've got comments disabled here so if you'd like to discuss a trade or simply just chat about hats, please feel free to connect via the following social sites:

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