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2019 Richmond Flying Squirrels - "Las Ardillas Voladoras de Richmond" (Copa de la Diversion)

Fans of the regularly scheduled calendar-themed posts are getting a double dose this week as today is National Squirrel Day and National Hugging Day. It’s fortuitous that these holidays fall on a  Friday because a holiday to celebrate squirrels is the perfect moment for my Las Ardillas Voladoras de Richmond cap for this week’s Fresh Fitted Friday selection.

If you’re still wondering where the hugging part comes in, ask yourself if there’s a creature out there that hugs trees more than the bushy-tailed rodents which comprise the squirrel family! 

Richmond already has a zany logo so whoever had to make that amp-up squirrel even more wild for the Richmond Squirrels to wear as part of the “Copa de la Diversion” had quite the task ahead of them. 

Luckily there was an in-house plan in place with Flying Squirrels’ Creative Services & Production Manager Nick Elder converting Nutzy into a masked luchador of lucha librea term which literally means “Freestyle” in Spanishwrestling which originated in Mexico.

I can’t stop thinking about how fitting it would be for this cap to have a “Hencho en Mexico” tag rather than “Made in China” like this one here

The colors pop so hard on this cap’s batterman, I feel like jumping off the top rope or pulling off some other type of Lances Espectaculares like the ones in this video of Mexican wrestling clips

It seems like only yesterday I wrote about the home cap that the Squirrels have consistently worn since 2010 but taking a quick glance in the blog’s archive shows that was over five years ago now! While there I noticed and fixed a bunch of broken image links and messed up text on that post, so check that post out if you feel so inclined!

And if you want some nostalgia reading that’s on the more recent side, I recommend the Squirrel’s announcement on which revealed that they would participate in the 2019 "Copa de la Diversion" as Las Ardillas Voladoras de Richmond.

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is not going on the Trading Block however please don't hesitate to reach out if you want any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

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