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1992-94 Chandler Diamondbacks Snapback

It's been a month since my last post but in all likelihood it's going to be a more weeks before I'm ready to return to posting more regularly. Nothing to worry about though as there are lots of good things happening on my end and I have a feeling I'll be fully energized once I get a bit more charge in me!

Let's just consider this week as a sort of check-in at the halfway point of the hiatus which, as the All-Star break is almost upon us strikes me as a bit ironic considering the players who have been grinding up to this point of the season are ready for a well-deserved break so here I am to relieve them!

I normally like to feature All-Star Game caps for posts around this time of year but since tomorrow is National Snake Day, I feel compelled to showcase my Chandler Diamondbacks cap which was most likely worn during the Arizona Fall League's inaugural season in 1992.

I'm not the biggest fan of snakes but I definitely don't get squirmy when I see one on TV or if ever I come across one in real life. Granted, I don't live in a place that is heavily populated with snakes but I suspect the respect I have for them would remain if I did.

As you can tell by my caption above, I don't have much to say about the monotone "Don't Tread On Me" rattlesnake on the front of the cap's crown but if you've been reading the blog for a while, you know that my favorite caps tend to be ones with green underbrims (or undervisors as the kids call them these days).

Caps from the early 1990s are really the cleanest ones ever. The white sweatband,  green underbrim and no MILB batterman are absolutely glorious in my eyes.

Derek Jeter has the distinction of being the only player from those early 1990s Chandler Diamondbacks teams to be elected into the Hall of Fame. Interestingly enough, I thought of Jeter recently as we just passed the 11 year anniversary of him reaching the 3,000 hit milestone this past Saturday, July 9.

That last photo makes me think about how Jeter's early career experience in Phoenix must have impacted him as he was honing his skills in the Arizona Fall League. Arizona did not have a major league team so the thought of the New York Yankees losing the World Series to a team also called the Diamondbacks years later in 2001 would have been completely unfathomable.

The next time the Yankees made it to the World Series was in 2003 and they were defeated by the Florida Marlins in six games. It's indisputable that we learn the most from our mistakes and I believe Jeter learned even more lessons during his recent tumultuous chapter in Miami which ended before the 2022 season began.

I despise the heat in Phoenix and Miami but to essentially have year-round baseball, I would tolerate the assault on my sweat glands. Something else to consider is the Diamondbacks and Marlins play in stadiums with retractable roofs which are open whenever possible. This would lead to some enjoyable fresh air games during the beginning and end of the season at least!

I would take in as many San Francisco Giants games as possible during Spring Training but the real highlight would be the Arizona Fall League. Growing up in a minor league town has given me an appreciation for catching young stars on their way up and a knack for recognizing greatness before it's fully realized. Retirement in Arizona is sounding better by the minute, folks!

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is not going on the Trading Block however please don't hesitate to reach out if you want any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

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