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1940 Oakland Oaks (Ebbets Field Flannels retro)

Right after wrapping up my Earth Day post last week I realized I had actually earmarked that 1948 Oakland Oaks cap for my Arbor Day post this week. It actually turned out for the best because the logo on this 1940 Oaks hat is even more arboreal than last week's so I'm very thankful to be ending Earth Month on a strong note!

When I first got this a few years ago, I thought the green felt on the logo might be the outline of the city of Oakland. Then I thought maybe it was a sort of reference to the Bears at Cal in Berkeley. And then today I realized the obvious: the green thing is a leaf because…trees! By the way, I also just learned that the word ellipsis (as in the punctuation I used in the last sentence) originates from the Ancient Greek word élleipsis which means 'leave out'?

Most of my Ebbets caps are navy or black but I have to say the buckram really pops on the grey wool broadcloth. 

The green on the logo of the crown's front, piping and undervisor are what one would naturally associate with Athletics vibes, which while the trees/oaks/Oakland connection makes sense, you might be surprised to learn the team's use of green started at later end of their Kansas City days.

This past week didn't provide many new details on the Athletics move to Las Vegas however there were many tributes from baseball fans in the East Bay and beyond. Of course my mind naturally pivots toward minor league opportunities for Oakland and I think having an NL West farm club there would be interesting as the anti-Giants bias is already present.

I don't have any more Oakland caps in my coffers to write about in the foreseeable future however I'll find a way to discuss the Athletics' relocation in future posts from now until the time they actually move to Las Vegas. Perhaps at some point soon there might even be some developments regarding the woes of the Tampa Bay Rays and their search of a new stadium.

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is not going on the Trading Block however please don't hesitate to reach out if you want any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

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